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Great Tips to Take Care of Your Feet - Kneipp - Hydro Kick - The new foot care

Hi There..... Do you like to take care of your feet? Do you think foot care is important?

It is, right? What if we wouldn't take care of them? Where would we be without our feet? They bring us everywhere we want to go, so we just have to take care of them. 😯

My mom and dad were in a walking club when we were quite young. We used to do very long nature walks, and I still remember it vividly. Especially the times after the walks, because there was a playground at the club. 😀

There were swings and a jungle gym, can’t recall any other things, because I was only about 4 or 5 years old. Oh yes, I just remembered there was a lot of sand too surrounding the entire playground. I remember having so much fun at that jungle gym and being super proud when I reached the top. 😎

It also reminds me of an incident there, where everybody laughed very hard because of something I said. We had gotten some bubblegum and were playing outside. I had to pee, so I went to the toilet. I was chewing on my gum when suddenly I swallowed it. 😨

That made me so upset, and I ran straight to my mom, crying my eyes out. Mom, I cried out. I swallowed my gum. Are my intestines going to stick together now? Everyone laughed so loud, but it was my mom’s fault, you know. She was the one who had told me this so that I would pay attention never to swallow my gum, and I was silly enough to believe her. 😏

Oh my, I have wandered far away from the subject. We were talking about foot care, of course. A few days ago, I received a surprise package from Kneipp to take care of my feet. 😍

Ah, you are curious, come on, admit it. I was too, because it came as a full surprise. Don't you just love surprises? Being a blogger is a lot of work sometimes. It's a good thing I can work on my laptop from my lazy chair, and today my feet are completely happy and refreshed. 😍

Let me tell you a bit more about this package from Kneipp, and what their press release said. 😊

Hydro Kick - The new foot care from Kneipp

This summer your feet will get a fresh hydro kick! Namely, with two new Kneipp foot products with a moisturizing and cooling effect.
First, the Cooling foot bath crystals. This allows you to take a refreshing foot bath that will completely refresh you and your feet. 
Second, a delicious Hydro foot cream with fresh menthol for a long-lasting cooling effect and good care of your feet. The aquatic scent of these two new foot products is like an invigorating summer breeze.
They are available from the end of April at and at well-known Kneipp sales points.

Foot Bath Crystals

  1. The first part of my foot care treatment was the bath crystals. What do they say about this product?

    This salt comes from a dried up sea from 250 million years ago. Because the salt is so deep, it is free from pollution and is extra rich in valuable minerals. With these foot bath crystals, you really treat yourself to something valuable and you benefit from the power of nature.

    Refresh your feet and feel the pleasant cooling effect of a footbath with the natural ingredient menthol. The extracts of aloe vera and water mint gently cleanse, revitalize and neutralize for fresh and well-groomed feet.

  2. How to use it:
    Fill the cap to the brim with bath crystals and dissolve them in a footbath with lukewarm water. Enjoy this foot bath for about 10 minutes.

    Oh my, I forgot to warn you about the naked flesh. I sure hope I didn't scare you too much. That was never my intention. 😳

  3. The moment you have been waiting for. What did I think about it? It felt as if I was in a Spa. As I opened the bottle, it was a kind of weird smell, but not that bad, but when you put the crystals in the water it really has about the same lovely scent of a Wellness center. 😚

Hydro foot cream

  1. After the bath, you pat the feet dry and then pamper them with the foot cream. What do they say about this product?

    Hydro foot cream with aloe vera, water mint and the naturally cooling menthol absorbs quickly and immediately refreshes tired feet and legs. Thanks to the cooling and intensive moisturizing effect, the skin feels smooth, fresh and revitalized. Gently massage into the feet to feel refreshed and invigorated.

  2. As they said, I gently massaged the cream into my feet. What a treat, and I can imagine the cooling effect this foot care treatment could have on a hot summer day or after a long walk. 😎

A few advantages.

  1. Hydrating, cooling and refreshing
  2. With refreshing water mint, aloe vera and menthol
  3. Dermatological tested
  4. Vegan and not tested on animals
  5. Without preservatives, paraffin, mineral oils, silicones, microplastics
  6. The bottle packaging and the label of the Kneipp foot bath crystals are made of 99% recycled material. (They are still working on the cap)

Kneipp already has a range of products for your feet if you can't wait until the end of April.

Foot bath crystals with Calendula for you if you have sensitive, stressed feet, or have problems with calluses.

5-in-1 Foot Cream with Safflower Oil and Avocado Oil is an effective all-in-one care for the feet.
Foot Butter for dry and congested feet will make them become soft and supple. 
I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have to think twice before buying their products. 😍

Maybe you would like to read my previous blog post about Kneipp

Kneipp also celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. The brand was founded by the naturopath Sebastian Kneipp, who throughout his life has helped and advised people to live a healthy and happy life. 

As a "life coach", Kneipp is happy to give you that bit of extra support for achieving a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset so that you can fully enjoy life. They contribute to this with Kneipp moments spread throughout the day that support a conscious and pleasant lifestyle. 

These Kneipp moments are created through the use of their different products. What the products have in common is a long-lasting effect based on the power of nature and science, ranging from revitalizing, uplifting to relaxing effects. 

In addition to products, they also provide additional lifestyle advice and offer services inspired by the philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp. This holistic approach gives you the opportunity to choose those Kneipp elements that meet your needs and fit into your lifestyle.

If you like to know more about this event, you can follow them on social media @kneippbenelux or you could sign up for their newsletter

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Where To Find 24 Cool Gifts For Women - Fashion Gift Guide - April 2021

Hi There..... Have you been waiting impatiently to see my new Fashion Gift Guide? 

I bet you are more than ready to find out what kind of cool gifts for women are coming up next. 😊

What if you are not? Maybe you are thinking, oh no, not another one of those. 😱

Ok, I will drop it. That would be terribly disappointing, though, for all those people I promised to feature in my gift guide. Would you really want that? Are you not the least bit curious to find out more about the cool gifts for women I found for you this time? 😲

No, of course, you don't want me to blow this whole gift guide off. You are a kind soul. I am sure of it. Nah, I can't say I am sure. That would be a lie. 😁

What I can say is that I have met a few of my readers, and they were very kind. No, not in person, through messaging online. I always love to get to know more about my readers. You know so much about me already, but I don't know that much about you. Although, some of my fellow bloggers are readers too, and a few share personal information about themselves. 😊

Many people have told me they love it when I get personal. It felt really weird in the beginning, but after a while, you get used to it. 😊

I have learned to be careful not to hurt any of my friends or the people I love. Sometimes I think of bad things that happened to me, but if it's hurtful to my family, I won't share it. But no need to worry. I have been around long enough to have lots of stories to tell. Surely you must have noticed those wrinkles I am so fond of. 😏

Enough small talk. Let me show you these fashionable gifts for women. 😎

'Maria' Lace Denim Jacket £35.00

Femmelyne is a new online clothing store launched to address a widening gap in the clothing market –  namely, the increasing lack of women's clothing that's beautiful, quality, and affordable at once!

At Femmelyne, we take the time to carefully choose our styles, vetting the design appeal and quality of each and every one. We ensure that they not only look and feel beautiful but that they also promise long-lasting wear and actual value for money.

Our vision is one of true ethical business. One fact that the coronavirus pandemic has starkly reminded us of, is that when any of us suffer, the entire economy suffers. Our aim is to contribute positively by building, in time, an exemplary business that commits to decent pay, excellent working conditions, equality and diversity at work, regard for the environment, and continuous improvement.

An absolutely stunning denim jacket featuring a unique lace front, a stylish worn and torn effect, and silver biker studs. It's beautifully cooling to wear, making it great for springtime.

Product Details: Premium quality denim, 2 breast pockets, Mildly elasticated, Slim fit

Vogue VO5246S $74

What better fashion gift than the perfect pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses for women? We recently launched the Pastel Paradise collection at Glasses USA. The soft, calm hues are the quintessential spring/summer accent and represent the current wave of optimism portrayed by so many brands. This collection oozes positivity and emphasizes Glasses USA’s ongoing commitment to putting both optical needs and style preferences at the forefront of the design process.
We offer a variety of high-quality designer and house brands in a wide range of styles – single vision glasses, progressives, sunglasses, blue light glasses, Bluetooth glasses, and more. We have over 10,000 different glasses - making sure that everyone finds what they like. 

The Vogue VO5246S is a full-rimmed round frame that's impossible to ignore. Crafted from nylon fiber, it features flattering curves, sleek arms, and subtle brand detail in gold.

Details Size: Medium - Material: Plastic - Shape: Round, Cat Eye - Spring Hinges: No - Color: Pink / Blue - Lens Feature: Gradient - Eligible for Progressive / Bifocal: Yes - Gender: Women - Type: Full Frame

Designs by De Sulli Beach is Bae Collection $22.50

Addys began her journey immigrating to the United States from Venezuela with her family at just nine years old. Thanks to her parents, she graduated with a double major in Marketing and Psychology from FIU. 

She has worked in the digital marketing sphere ever since, finally launching her own business in 2021 with the mission to make every woman feel as confident, comfortable, and loved on the outside as they do on the inside: Living Fantasea

Beach is Bae Collection

Handmade with organic seashells. Designs by De Sulli

Other colors available - Beige, Red, Star Beige

Floral Bundle $75.00

MASKELA offers the best selection of high-quality reusable face masks. With a wide range of fashionable designer styles to choose from that are as breathable as they are beautiful, you'll finally have a face mask you'll want to wear.

All our masks are thoughtfully created by professional fashion designers. We search far and wide to bring you special fabrics and unique prints. Masks are the newest fashion accessory, so show your style!

Stay pretty even while masked up with this beautiful face mask featuring a modern floral print with metallic accents. 100% cotton, 100% stylish.

Note that due to the nature of this special print, every mask will look different and unique. The design may not look exactly as pictured.

Convex 3D shape for comfort and breathability
Adjustable ear loops to customize the size
Flexible nose wire provides a secure fit
Three-ply with a built-in filter for increased protection
Includes a hidden filter pocket for disposable filters
Includes a special pouch for storing or gifting
Exterior: Japanese cotton
Interior: cotton
Handmade with love by local tailors

Fearless 2 Piece Set $59.99

2one2 created by Entrepreneur, and Vh1 Reality star Young Bae.  

The name is a reflection of the city where dreams became a reality for Young. 2one2 is a fashion forward wardrobing solution for women. We supply Handpicked Fabrics, and styles for all shapes and sizes. Our Apparel allows you to transform from working out, to hanging out. 

Becoming a parent can be a challenge; Simplicity helps save time, and busy mothers know the challenges of finding that extra moment for themselves.  

Here you can shop for all your apparel needs from the day, workout, to evening.

Fearless 2 piece set is bold, seamless, and its high waistline features give you that snatch and lift in all the right places. Cropped top, thumbhole cut-out design, with long sleeves and round neck. Anti-pilling, breathable, and quick-dry technology. 

Material Nylon/Spandex - Stripped pattern - breathable - Anti-pilling - Quick dry - Includes: Yoga crop top - legging 


Awake Happy is a state of mind. 
Awake with eyes closed,
Happy the rest of the time.
Wear Awake Happy.

A shop run by Devon Meadows from Cazadero, California that offers some very soft and sustainable mystical tees, hoodies, & sweatshirts to lounge in or hit the streets in. Devon's mission is to help everyone bring out the vast expanse of infinite wisdom that is within. New designs every 2-3 weeks 

We all have it in us. We may be born with it. We may lose it somewhere along the way. It comes time to seek it out. What is your ultimate potential?


Studio L Jewelry, launched by Jewelry Connoisseur and Entrepreneur Liora Elhanani, delivers elegant light-weight handmade pieces inspired by the essence of The Holy Land, a sacred area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea in the modern State of Israel and surrounding landmarks, representing longevity, valiantness, and grace.

Handcrafted by select Israeli designers, the jewelry ranges from premium materials from 24K Gold and 925 Sterling Silver plated brass materials, Swarovski Crystals, freshwater pearls, resins, and fabrics, all skillfully designed to accessorize for any time of day, season, or occasion.

24K gold-plated fashionable earrings shaped like hand-drawn hearts. Their elongated shape will make you stand out from the crowd, without making too much of a splash.
Just the right blend of elegance and whimsy to wear for long days in the office.


* Gold-plated hearts on a kidney-shaped earring.
* Measurements: Length: 3 inches, Width: 0.75 inches.
* Materials: 24K gold plated brass, wire hook.
* Arrives beautifully packaged in a jewelry box, ready for gifting.
* Designed with love and made by hand.
* Also available in Silver
For an even heartier look wear with our pearls lariat Helen necklace.


A.Lynn is an NYC-based sustainable fashion brand reinventing the sizing systems to reduce fashion waste. We are working to solve the trillion-dollar problem of returns and exchanges in fashion. Our goal is to end returns because our customers can find the perfect fit for the first time. And the proof is in the numbers. We have almost zero returns.

Not only are all our designs made from sustainably sourced fibers (our fibers use less water and are manufactured in a C02 neutral facility), but we are reinventing the traditional size scale to give women a more personalized fit on demand. More sizes for all women, like people under 5’4” or over 5’8”, who constantly have to get clothes tailored because designers only give women 'a size' (small, medium, large), unlike men who get neck and sleeve length.

It was this problem that our founder, Andrea Seemayer, stepped up to solve. After working as a director at brands like Zac Posen and Alice & Olivia, Andrea saw the incredible sizing gap for women’s height and length. So she worked to develop specialized sustainable fibers and a sizing system using 64 points of measurements, and A.Lynn Designs was born.

Meet the dress you throw on to run errands or conquer a night out on the town. EZ Dress hangs straight on the body with a high-low hemline to elongate the legs and create a flowing train of fabric behind you. Side slits allow for plenty of movement and plenty more attitude. Turn heads with our plunging back neckline the next time you bag your farmers’ market bounty or hail a taxi.


Chooka is designed, developed, and tested in the Pacific Northwest with fashion, utility, and comfort in mind. Contemporary styles that can be worn all day with a variety of outfits allowing the wearer to get things done in style. From city strolling to brunch to grabbing coffee with friends, we adore following along in our Chooka women’s adventures and the places their shoes take them. Rain, shine, and everything in between: we’ve got your back!

Chooka specializes in premium rainproof and water-friendly footwear for those fashion-loving ladies out there like you. Our rain boots keep feet dry and comfortable on the rainiest of days. Our boots are handmade with soft linings, memory foam, and natural rubber.

Chooka makes contemporary styles for the woman on the go, whether it's running errands or stopping for brunch with friends, Chooka has shoes to fit your busy lifestyle. Black waterproof Chelsea boots with a delicate white daisy print. A great black and white rain boot for keeping feet dry. Memory foam insole and stretch side gore for slipping on and off.

Ultra HC rubber content
Comfortable memory foam
Handmade waterproof construction
Chooka designs and tests rainproof boots in the Pacific Northwest.

Designer Magnetic Phone Holder $14.95

Bagnetique is specially engineered to work inside a handbag -- finally, no more digging, no more more missed calls or lost keys!

The special removable internal clip lets you simply clip it onto the bag's rim or an inside pocket. Or you can use the backing glue to stick it on in exactly the spot where your hand reaches into your bag. When you stick it on, you can use the clip (both ends inserted in the hole) as a lever to easily remove your phone from the magnet with one hand...and without even looking in your bag!

Extra metal plates and discs are included in the package, so you can make anything magnetic: Keys, Lipstick, Tissues, Pill Boxes, Pepper Spray...whatever it is you always need in instant reach.

In your Handbag, In your Car, In the Kitchen, home, office, and more.  
Holds your Phone & Keys securely...with elegance, design, and beauty! 

With the code RENATAFEYEN you get a 30% discount.

Sunburst Mirror Earrings $15.00

Nothing screams unique like our one-of-a-kind 3D-printed earrings. Each piece is designed and printed personally by company founder Vanessa Templeman. She takes her inspiration from the world around her, infusing each pair with color and joy. Our customers tell us that these earrings are their favorite conversation starters. Whether you choose a funky banana earring or a geometric shape, Winter Hill Jewelry will make sure you always stand out in a crowd.

That’s right, Winter Hill Jewelry is eco-friendly. As a company, we have put time and energy into making our products as low-impact as possible. The jewelry is all created from plant-based plastic, made of sugarcane and corn. All the 3D printers used to print our products are 100% fueled by solar power. Our card stock is recyclable, shipping boxes are made of cardboard and paper (not plastic), and all our work is designed and made in the United States of America.

These earrings are inspired by a mid-century modern sunburst mirror. They are printed in gold PLA, an eco-friendly, plant-based plastic. Tiny mirrors are glued in the center by hand. Findings are hypoallergenic stainless steel, great for people with sensitive ears!

Women's Athletic Compression Socks 2.0 €29,95

•  The Most FUNCTIONAL sock you have ever worn
•  Lasso Socks provide medically backed ankle support and gradient compression to improve performance and recovery. They are recommended by top trainers, physical therapists, and orthopedists.  
•  Our socks WORK. Made in America. Patent Protected. Lasso Sock is the only patented joint support apparel. It is used by top athletes for athletic performance and recommended by top physicians when treating foot and ankle conditions. Lasso is designed to provide grab-and-go support without sacrificing style or playing time.+
•  Lasso supports the key ligaments and tendons that are the primary drivers behind the fine movement in the foot and ankle. 
•  Lasso also gives back. We started a "Move With Compassion Campaign" where we began donating a pair of socks per order to medical personnel at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
•  We donated to 200+ hospitals, gained organic national recognition, won an award for our campaign from Heap Analytics, and received THOUSANDS of emails from medical personnel around the country
•  We also sponsored the annual James Blake Foundation event that took place to coincide with the 2020 US Open. All proceeds (and socks!) benefited Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Lasso Socks are the evolution of what a sock can be. By combining cutting-edge ankle support with compression-based foot and arch support, Lasso socks reduce muscle fatigue and soreness to help improve performance and recovery for a life in motion.

Long May You Run T-Shirt $20.00

Drifter Merch. We offer premium apparel and accessories inspired by music. Our designs are simplistic and printed on super soft tees, tanks, hoodies, and more in heathered colors to give a retro look. Some of our inspiration comes from jam bands such as the Grateful Dead, Phish, and Widespread Panic to more mainstream acts such as Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, and Willie Nelson.

A tribute tee for Drifter Merch’s late founding partner Bert Griggs featuring Neil Young’s Long May You Run tune.

Next Level Unisex Tee: This tee is a crew neck with short sleeves and a tear-away label. It is designed with 60% combed ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester. Available in Charcoal. *As these tees are preshrunk, they run small. $20

Next Level Ladies flowy tri-blend tee offers an ultra-soft fabric of 50/25/25 polyester/combed ring-spun cotton/rayon. This dolman cut has a flowy fit with a scoop neck and curvy hem that is flattering for all. Available in Vintage Black in XS-XL. *These run true to actual size. $20

Youth: This Next Level youth CVC short sleeve crew tee is made of 60/40 combed ring-spun cotton/polyester with a tear-away label. Available in Charcoal. $20

Medusa Necklace $32.00

Olive & Loom's mission is to bring you traditional, old world goods with a fresh, modern aesthetic. We focus on practical items made using artisanal methods and all-natural sources.

So, here we are, Olive & Loom. Soul-made, simple, traditional, functional products. We started our journey in 2016, inspired by the wonderful Turkish Baths / Hamam rooted in the rich history of the Ottoman Empire. We worked directly with independent manufacturers to commission a Modern Peshtemal; a soul-made, hand-loomed towel in current styles and colors. We completed our New Hamam experience with rich Olive Oil soap bars that are natural, moisturizing and soothing, and infused with wonderful fragrances.

In 2019, it’s out of the bath and into the world. We continue to showcase the versatility of cotton enriched by bright sunny skies and warm Mediterranean breezes. Our new line of products contains beachwear and accessories that help you step seamlessly from street to sand, then out again for a night on the town. We bring you bright, beautiful patterns and relaxed silhouettes suitable for most occasions and body types. Plus, just like you’ve come to expect from Olive & Loom, our towels and robes are still perfect for wherever life takes you – whether bath, beach, kitchen, gym or travel.

Olive & Loom brings you the textures, colors, and scents of Turkey.

Gold plated stainless steel. 100% hypoallergenic.

Pink Fanny Pack USD 42.00

Allyson Block, founder and CEO of Allyson Block Designs, is an artist who has a flair for design. Merging art with everyday objects like handbags and backpacks allows her art to be more visible and accessible. She loves being able to transform her creativity into wearable objects.

She has been involved in the art scene for many years, starting as a teenager painting abstract t-shirts to more formal painting through her college and post-collegiate years. Art continues to play a significant role in her life as expressed in her paintings, wall sculptures, and wearable objects. Her latest one-person show was at Johnson & Johnson headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

This Pink Fanny Pack is based on original artwork by Artist Allyson Block.

A Fanny pack is the ultimate accessory for people on the go. And this waist bag has everything—the right size, a small inside pocket, and adjustable straps—to become your favorite fashion item if you're going to a festival, getting ready for a vacation, or just like to keep your hands free.

• 100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 9.91 oz/yd² (336 g/m²)
• Dimensions: 6.5″ (16 cm) in height, 13″ (33 cm) in weight, and 2¾″ (7 cm) in diameter
• Water-resistant material
• Top zipper with 2 sliders
• Small, customizable inner pocket without zipper
• Silky lining piped inside hems
• 1¼'' wide adjustable straps with plastic strap regulators available in 2 sizes
• Blank product components sourced from China

House of the Sun Necklace $ 80.00

A large part of Nina Berenato's brand identity rests on the designer's goal to use her gift for design to make all women feel powerful, beautiful and capable of anything. 

Since opening up her first retail store in Austin, TX inside of a re-furbished 1959 Airstream Bambi, Nina has become a fixture in Austin’s growing maker community. In 2017, Nina Berenato opened her first flagship store where she produces her namesake collection, teaches jewelry-making classes, and leads her team of 4 incredible Austin women.

In 2020, Nina Berenato Jewelry received Austin's highest sustainability honor, Platinum Green Business Leader, becoming the first fashion retailer to do so. 

The designer's involvement in the Austin community doesn't stop with her leadership in sustainable fashion, she uses her designs to raise money for local charities and regularly opens her shop up as a space to help other female artists grow and thrive.

Every piece Nina makes is 100% women-made, certified sustainable, and socially good.

You can layer this circular turquoise pendant necklace with anything. The delicate and dainty thin chain makes it a great addition to any jewelry collection. 

This necklace is inspired by the message of the indigenous Kogi people of Colombia. The Kogi say that their ceremonial "house of the sun" is mirrored after the first house, a circular building with a womb-like opening to the heavens. This first house was created by the mother who created the Sun with her own menstrual blood.

This necklace has a natural Turquoise stone set in the center. It comes on an 18-inch chain, however, we can make a different chain length for you at no additional charge if you'd prefer that. Just put your length request in the "Notes" section of your order. All bodies are good bodies and we want our necklaces to fall perfectly on YOU.

Ally Dress $88.00

California Inspired, LA-Based, Modern look with a retro edge
Made for the sun, the salt & the sea

Luna Cara Swim is a female-owned business founded in 2019.

With every intention of launching at the start of 2020 in time for the Summer months, the COVID-19 crisis put that dream on hold.

Now with the help of supportive friends, photographers, and models taking safety precautions, and the intense drive to launch this brand,

Luna Cara Swim launched their website in November 2020

Luna Cara Swim creates versatile pieces

designed for effortless living.

We are a company working to keep the planet as beautiful as you are.

We believe the joy of summer should be celebrated year-round.

T-back wear-everywhere dress. Super flattering with side slits for ease, and a T-back for comfort and style.

Music Cat Hair Clip $11.99

La Tiare is French for 'The Tiara.'

Tiaras are often associated with royalty and princesses, but that not true. From Persian origins, the word 'Tiara' is used to define ornaments worn on formal occasions, meaning anything could be a 'Tiara.'

The idea came from three founders, Janice, Nancy, and Jenny. They loved to discuss trending hairstyles, and fashion. They realized people dress up for clothes and shoes, but not for hair. It is such a pain to put accessories on in winter because it would cause rashes on the skin. There is no limitation on fashion. Why not put hair accessories on instead of earrings and necklaces? They believe hair accessories are a new trend of beauty expression. They do not cause any rashes on the skin and are easy to style.  

At La Tiare, we believe every hair accessory has a story to tell, and you are part of that amazing tale. We believe you should express yourself and your hair regardless of type, color, or length. Dress your hair the way you want, with La Tiare. 

Meow~~ Who doesn't love cats? If you are looking for something to please the cat lover in you, you are in the right place. The hair clip is sturdy and suitable for any hair.

Music Cat is a set of 2 hairpieces. Dreamy Cat Series ~ Starry Cat Hair Clip & Planet Cat Hair Clip.

The Paris Tank - Navy $84

In early 2016, Molly Shaheen & Huw Collins were considering opening a boutique, with both having an interest & enthusiasm for the fashion world. Huw had completed filming the TV show Pretty Little Liars, and Molly was looking to capitalize on her wealth of business experience.

During a trip to Paris, Huw had arranged a private tour of Coco Chanel's apartment, in the knowledge that his wife had long admired the enduring influence of the House of Chanel.

Whilst they walked through in the hallowed space, where Chanel masterminded a fashion revolution, Molly noticed many symbols and motifs of Wheat permeating the aesthetic.

They learned that after Gabrielle Chanel was born into poverty in the French countryside during Harvest in 1883. She formed a strong belief that Wheat represented an opportunity to transcend her circumstances, and keeping symbols of it close by would always bring her prosperity and abundance.

Moments after hearing the story, Molly suggested to Huw that they should name their boutique Wheat, using a painting by Dali from Chanel's apartment to inspire the logo design. Consecrating the plan in a space touched by the hand of Chanel, Wheat was born!!

After the success of Wheat’s inaugural location in York Beach, ME in 2017, a second location followed in Newburyport, MA later that year with Meghan Bonnano & Colleen Roy.

In early 2019, Wheat expanded to the West coast. Taking advantage of an opportunity to progress the brand to a new frontier, the third Wheat location was opened at Hotel Casa del Mar, in Santa Monica, CA.

One year later to the day, in 2020, Wheat opened a fourth location, its second on the West coast. Entering a partnership with the Four Seasons brand at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

In Spring 2020 came the introduction of Wheat 1.17, a luxury lifestyle clothing line encompassing the essence of the Wheat brand. This move allowed Wheat's loyal customer base to bring a piece of Wheat along with them on all their adventures!

Soft fabric and flattering lines come together to create the ideal tank, marrying aesthetic & practicality in perfect union.

Brushed Terry 49% Modal, 46% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Sparkle Heart Pendant For Frontline Heroes $49.00

Smiling Rocks is a lab-grown diamond and jewelry brand that aims to build a chain of smile through sustainable luxury. Our jewelry is the perfect option for anyone who is looking for a sustainable jewelry option. Lab Grown diamonds are 30-40% lower than mined diamonds, which makes fine diamond jewelry a much affordable option. We have a lab-grown diamond enamel heart pendant that is valued at US$49. It has a special message to the frontline heroes who have worked every day to protect us! And it's our time to thank them by gifting this beautiful pendant! 

We want you to find reasons to smile every day. From the time leaving your house to the endless experience of the day, we want you to be comfortable and confident wearing Smiling Rocks. Our unique designs and one-of-a-kind styles will bring your personality to a different level. Our sustainable, affordable and conflict-free lab-grown diamond jewelry is perfect for your pocket! Love who you are, the way you look, and the way you smile.

Our goal is to put luxury, transparency and responsible sourcing in our utmost priority. Our lab-grown diamonds are 100% identical to mined diamonds and much kinder to the earth. We want you to participate in our #giveback journey. 10% of your purchase is donated to your choice of charity. We want you to feel the power of Feeling Good while Doing Good.

Gift nurses, doctors, firefighters, policemen near you who have worked hard to safeguard and protect lives. We are honoring their work during this Covid-19 pandemic. 50% of the net sales will benefit First Responders Children's Foundation.

OPAQUE Tights $13.00

Threads is designed for real women, by real women. Investment banker turned designer, Xenia Chen, interviewed 200 women when creating the brand to ensure no detail or practical feature was overlooked. The result is a durable tight that has a longer leg, double-reinforced toe, and shaping qualities that smooth and streamline without flattening the bum! 
Threads tights are the epitome of affordable luxury. Designed for freedom of movement, they offer wearers the same high-performance stretch and breathability as upscale brands without the sticker shock. Threads tights are available in the below options:
Sheer: 20 denier tights. Its nude shares are tone-matching, meaning they’re designed to look like you are not wearing anything on your legs. Perfect for concealing bruises and other imperfections, or for days when you just don’t feel like shaving your legs. Great with those warmer-weather outfits that simply look better with “bare” legs. A breathable option for the warmer months ahead — your “bare” legs will fool everyone! 81% Polyamide/19% Elastane. Retails at USD$13.00/CDN $17.00. In five hues.  81% Polyamide/19% Elastane. Available in five hues. USD$13.00/CDN $17.00.
Opaque: 60 denier tights. Comfortable and functional, with its Threads contoured waistband. Wear them with your favorite dress or skirt for a more opaque option during this unpredictable shoulder season. 85% Polyamide/15% Elastane. USD$17.00/$23.00.

Our 20 denier tights. A wardrobe staple. Whether it's with your favorite sweater dress, dress suited for work, or go-to Saturday night outfit, our sheer tights are extremely versatile and go well with outfits from day to night. Our sheer tights in the nude shades (Ivory, Tan, Caramel, Espresso) are tone matching, meaning they should blend in well with your natural skin tone even if it's a shade or two off. Made in Italy.


81% polyamide / 19% elastane
Made in Italy

Microfiber double-covered yarn - Super comfortable. Less likely to static and stick to your clothes.
Contoured waistband - Hugs all the right areas. Bum-lifting.
Reinforced toe - barely there, invisible strength.
Better leg length - A more realistic (longer) leg length. No more double crotch.
Built to last - Designed to hold up. 3D construction.

Look Better Naked, Women's Tri-Blend Racerback Tank $39.97

About JUNGLE:  JUNGLE is a collection designed to empower people to be their ferocious, outrageous self. Designed by Daniella Platt, an animal print scarf launched at celebrity Forbes Riley's Gala and united people around the world.  Every detail serves as a symbol to be Unstoppable. Are you ready to Play Big?  
About Daniella Platt: A creative connoisseur, Daniella Platt is a known fashion and apparel industry insider. She's on a mission to make sure your art, your heart, and your message are seen from above the keyboard to the streets. #1 best selling author of Looking Good: A Fashion Startup Playbook, Host of Looking Good with Daniella & T. Coffee, and founder of JUNGLE, Daniella wants you know you are limitless. Grab her free guide:  3 Ways Anyone Can Have An Apparel Line And Sell like Crazy at www.Daniella.Today  

Look Better Naked! We tested this shirt at the gym for more than a decade. What happens: You laugh while wearing it. That gives you a better workout. Warning: Watch everyone slowly laugh with you. Buy one for everyone you know who likes to laugh and get a better burn - it's a must!

Fitted tank-top looks good, whether you're working out on zoom or taking it to the streets. Fine quality print will serve as a statement for a long time.
.: 50% polyester, 25% combed ringspun cotton, 25% rayon
.: Light fabric (4.2 oz/yd² (142 g/m²))
.: Slim fit
.: Sewn in label
.: Runs true to size

With the code FASHION10 you get a 10% discount

Post Softly and Carry a Big Stick Shirt $35.00

Live Laugh Shirt is a shop created as a sarcastic mirror for pop culture. Ryan Lambert, the owner, loves absurdity, satire, and irony, and most of the creative elements rise out of that headspace. He also considers himself an archivist, collecting phrases, fonts, and graphics to blend in together and use as designs. 

The website serves as a lightning rod, to attract attention and support for his film and literary projects. He publishes a weekly newsletter that showcases all of his projects, a digest of writing and videos, clothes for sale, and more.

He is also hoping to grow Live Laugh Shirt into a collaborative effort, working with other thinkers and artists to create new designs. He uploads a new design each week, so there's plenty of room for fresh partnerships. 

In fact, he says he's open to anyone sending him an email with ideas or suggestions. He is not on social media, so that's really the only way to find or contact him.

This shirt pays tribute to the greatest of all personality traits: paranoia. [100% cotton]

No is a Complete Sentence. - Women's Tank Top $27.00

I'm Lindsey, founder of FerrisBuilt. I live in Seattle, Washington, with my identical twin daughters. I lost my company of 12 years due to Covid in the spring of 2020 (an event production company) and had to figure out a way to pivot and make a living when the industry that I've worked in my entire 25+ career - was shut down. As a single parent, this was a bit scary, to say the least!
I decided to pursue my creative side in July 2020 and see if I could make a go of my wood art and apparel designs I've been doing as a "side hustle" for a few years - and figured "why not now?" My motivation was to still be a business owner as I enjoy that challenge and find a way to have a work schedule that I can prioritize my time around my children's schedule.
My apparel & gifts are a way that I express things I feel strongly about with topics such as mental health, self-care, inspiring women, and current events. I also have one-of-a-kind wood wall art I create out of my woodshop in Seattle, Washington (part of my own self-care practice!)

No is a complete sentence design on a women's fit tank top.

The color in the main image is "Black"

The modern, relaxed fit and round neckline make this tank a must-have to go with your favorite jeans and sneakers. 100% airlume cotton (fiber content may vary for a few colors)

The end. Those were all the gifts I wanted to share today. Contact me if you want to be part of the next one. 😍

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