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Tips on Innovative Beauty Products in Belgium - Beautical - Take care of Yourself

Hi There..... Do you think it important to take care of yourself? Do you like beauty products?

Ah, I bet you do. No, I am not only talking to the women reading my blog post today. Own up to it if you are a man. Admit that you like to take care of yourself. 😎

The beauty products I am going to talk to you about after my little chat are not only for women but gender-neutral. Ah, there will be no blog post without me having a bit of small talk. 😜

When I was a teenager, there was nothing for men in the beauty line except for maybe deodorant and aftershave. Things have changed a lot. Nowadays, there are skincare products for both men and women. I am totally opposed to that. 😡

Why should men have beauty products? How can we stay better looking if they also take care of themselves? Not a good idea. Haha, just kidding, of course.  😂

Ok, time to tell you more about the free products Beautical sent me in exchange for my honest opinion. 😍

What is Beautical?

It's an advanced beauty brand, developed to help you achieve instant and long-term visible results and feel amazing in your skin.

They team up with beauty experts and scientists to develop innovative, effective formulas, based on cutting-edge technology and clinically tested ingredients, helping you maintain your youthful appearance without the need for costly, painful, or intrusive procedures.

Rooted in innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, their highly performant treatments rejuvenate and help you rediscover your beauty.

What is Beautical's mission?

Beautical believes and supports every woman’s right to feel beautiful. They commit to empowering women with a unique range of skincare and innovative products to transform you from the inside out.

Is Beautical cruelty-free?

Beauty shouldn’t come at the price of cruelty. Beautical upholds the commitment to high-end, cruelty-free skincare. Formulas are selected carefully, researched, and vetted but never tested on animals – only on them and their friends.

Is Beautical Paraben-free?

We are all about looking good and feeling even better! Beautical’s products are formulated without any parabens and are safe to use. Just pure beauty delivered by nature (with some help from technology).

Less is more

They’ve been there: they’ve seen the bathroom cabinet, filled to the brim with skincare creams, serums, masks… Beautical subscribes to the “less is more” philosophy by working around the clock to develop products that provide you with actual results and a plethora of skin benefits without cluttering your bathroom storage. By targeting multiple skin concerns at the same time, our products make you – and the environment – happier. 


At Beautical, they believe beauty starts from within. That’s why they are committed to being 100% transparent when it comes to their products. They provide their customers with detailed information about their ingredients.

What’s more, they steer clear of confusing jargon and scientific lingo to help you truly understand how these ingredients work in synergy to reawaken your beauty. They are completely honest when it comes to the contents of their treatments, as well as the formulas and packaging. No question is off-limits.


What is it?

This highly concentrated lifting serum dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while moisturizing and firming up your skin. Forget about costly, invasive procedures: enjoy smooth as silk skin and a radiant appearance within minutes.

Beautical Instant Lifting Serum’s formula is based on a powerful blend of clinically proven ingredients working in synergy to firm the skin, increase its elasticity and nourish it from within. Deeply hydrated, your skin looks rejuvenated, softer and smoother.

Because feel matters as much as looks, the Instant Lifting Serum has a silky texture that is immediately absorbed into the skin for best results. This quick absorption ensures visible, instant anti-wrinkle effects without any residue or stickiness.

While its formula targets the most dynamic facial wrinkles – the forehead lines, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds – the serum also delivers dramatic results for the appearance of under-eye bags. By plumping up the skin and hydrating its deepest layers, Beautical Instant Lifting Serum banishes the puffiness for a firmer, glowing look.

Discover younger-looking, refreshed, and restored skin within only 5 minutes and for up to 8 hours. For maximum results and long-term benefits, use the serum daily for at least 30 days.

My opinion on the Lifting Serum

I don't see any reason why I should give you my opinion on this product. Isn't it obvious in the pictures above? You can see that the bags under my eyes are a lot less on the picture on the right. The lines around my mouth are a lot less visible, too. You can also see that my left eye has been lifted and looks much better. A slight negative is that it stings when you put on the product, but it doesn't hurt that much. The small pump makes it super easy to use. 😊


What is it?

Leave the uneven complexion, the dull and dry skin, and those pesky fine lines in the past! VOLUMFIZZ Peptide Bubble Serum plumps and nourishes the skin, recovers lost volume, and brings back the V-shape of your face. Peptide-enriched, this bubble serum will transform your skin from the inside, giving you a more radiant, youthful look with every application.

Its proprietary peptide complex reawakens your skin’s inner power, boosting collagen production and replenishing hydration for a firmer, healthier look. The unique blend of Centella Asiatica Extract and skin-soothing botanicals saturates the skin with hydration, providing a refined, even, and radiant complexion, while cutting-edge liposome technology ensures penetration and absorption of the active ingredients to the deepest layers of your skin. The proprietary bio-bubble technology, on the other hand, helps to distribute and saturate the skin with the serum’s unique blend of nutrients.

Rediscover your inner beauty and goddess glow with your new skincare staple. Bubble up and say hi to the new you!

My opinion on the VOLUMFIZZ Peptide Bubble Serum

Can I first congratulate all those YouTubers, because I now know how hard it is to make a decent video? I hope you can forgive me that my video is far from perfect, but I suppose only practice makes perfect. 

What can I say about the product? I really feel like the serum works, even though I have been using it for only a couple of days. My complexion is already getting better, and I don't need to put on extra day cream because the product moisturizes your skin perfectly. My skin feels soft and nourished. Curious to see what the results will be after using it twice a day for a month. 😚

Can I give you some advice? If you are interested in beauty hacks and advice, check out their Blog.

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Tips on where to find Flower Art Resin Jewelry - Izabella Resin Art

Hi There..... Are you a fan of flower art? Do you like resin jewelry?

I love both flower art and resin jewelry if they are well made. Many years ago, I had a stunning piece of dried flowers, but it was made with mirrors and very hard to clean. It got very dirty after a few years and completely lost its charm. I so miss cleaning it. Duh, no, of course not. Nothing fun about cleaning. 😏

There is one piece of flower art that also almost got lost, but we could repair it. It's a frame with my original wedding flowers in it, so it's already 35 years old. Not sure if many people still do that with their bride's bouquet. Such a shame to just throw it away. Unless you get divorced maybe, then you can get rid of it. 😁

Always have been a big fan of any kind of flower, fresh or dried. They smell so nice. I have a very sensitive nose regarding flowers. More than others, it seems, because I've had several times that I remember picking up their scent while others didn't. Roses are my favorite flower scent, and I dare to bet I am not the only one. 😊

Ah yes, plants. My cat was always very fond of them, too. Somewhat too fond, if you ask me, because he made sure I didn't have to water them anymore. He liked my plants so much that he ate pieces of them or messed up the soil, so they died. I thought, why not try a cactus. You never guess what happened. Big surprise. He ate it. 

Time to tell you some more about the resin jewelry I received from Izabella Resin Art in exchange for a full blog post. 

Perhaps you would like to know a bit more about Izabella.

Info on Izabella

Bella is a teacher by profession. She taught History for ten years and is now a full-time graduate student at Uppsala University. Her love for details, which can be associated with her passion for History, is also evident in almost all her resin jewelry pieces. 

The name “Izabella” was taken from her birthplace, Isabella, Negros Occidental, where she recalls her earliest memory of witnessing different kinds of flowers blooming after a rainy day in July. In the same month of 2019, she decided to sell the resin jewelry pieces that she made during her free time.

Plants, especially their flowers, always have their unique way of brightening up someone’s day. They seem to speak a distinct language of love and happiness that easily captures people’s hearts. This is why Bella, the artist behind Izabella Resin Art, chose botanicals and resin as her primary medium for artistic expression. She hopes that her flower jewelry can elicit feelings of joy and love to anyone who will wear them.

How are the pieces of Resin Jewelry made?

Each piece from Izabella Resin Art goes through a long and rigorous process. First, the artist collects the ideal plants, which are usually small flowers and leaves, that will be used for the designs. Some of these are already dried,  but others are often preserved for two to three weeks through a flower presser. Once all the botanicals are ready, they will undergo the arrangement process, wherein they will be arranged in a bezel or a mold.

Then, layers of resin will be poured. This process is considered the most challenging part because bubbles, dust, and other particles might mix with the resin and eventually destroy the design. Last, after the curing process, each piece will be shaped and smoothened using a polishing machine. If flaws are still noticeable, a layer of resin will be added for another curing and polishing process.

Every design and detail of each piece of jewelry speaks of craftsmanship, passion, and love for the arts as it reflects the artist’s happy thoughts and emotions. In the future, she plans to create resin jewelry pieces that are inspired and made of endemic plants from the places she visits.

How can we take care of our resin pieces?

Even though the jewelry is made with stainless metal and high-quality resin, it is better to be safe than sorry when taking care of them. 
  • avoid scratching or bumping your jewelry on rough surfaces.
  • prevent discoloration by refraining from exposure to sunlight, smoke, perfume, lotion, and other chemicals.
  • remove your jewelry whenever you swim or take a bath. Remember to use the polishing cloth provided with your purchase, and make sure to store your jewelry in a clean and dry box.

My opinion on the resin jewelry

How could I not be happy with those gorgeous pieces? Red is my favorite color, so she made that one especially for me. The only thing is, which one would I choose to be my favorite. I honestly don't know, because the green one is equally beautiful. It's good that I don't have to choose. 😍

The jewelry came well packed in a cute box with my name on it, and thin crepe paper hearts. The resin jewelry pieces were accompanied by a delicate chain necklace. Inside the box were some cute dried flowers. The necklace and pendant together didn't feel heavy at all on my neck, so that's another plus. 

If you were waiting for negative feedback this time, I am sorry to disappoint you. I can only recommend you check out her shop for more resin jewelry pieces, and she has some beautiful floral frames, too. 

Looking for tips on cleaning and storing all your jewelry? Check out this blog post

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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