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Best Tip on Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Joyamo - Personalized Name Necklace

Hi There..... Are you looking for a Mother's day gift idea? How about a personalized name necklace for her?

Jewelry is always a great mother's day gift idea if you ask me. Who would say no to a new necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings? I wouldn't. 😜

Do I have enough jewelry? Hm, yes, I suppose so, but if we can change briefs daily, why not jewelry. Haha, I know it's not the best comparison, but isn't it the perfect excuse? 😁

Then again, do we need an excuse? Everyone deserves a little attention. Some more than others, I admit. 😏

Showing your love through gifts reflects not only the love you have for them but also your gratitude towards them. 😍

That being said, you can always send me a big bunch of flowers or any other gift if you feel you appreciate my writing. I would happily accept any thoughtful gift as a big thank you. 😂

Ok, I know it probably will never happen, but you can't blame a girl (slang for an old woman) for trying. 😉

Anyway, if you are searching for a great mother's day gift idea, this personalized name necklace Joyamo sent me in exchange for my honest opinion, could be what you are looking for. 😍

Small Carrie Name Necklace With Box Chain

JoyAmo created this iconic Small Carrie Name Necklace with Box Chain as a tribute piece to the memorable Sex and the City success! 

If you also are a fan of Carrie Bradshaw, get yourself this memorable personalized small Carrie name Necklace and shine as much as Carrie always did!

Size: 5 different chain sizes for your choice - 14'', 16'', 18'', 20'' and 22''

Free Domestic EU Shipping

This Small Carrie personalized Name Necklace with Box Chain is a great gift for everyone and for any occasion.

All JoyAmo jewelry is made of high quality and available in several types of metals such as:
* 925 Sterling Silver
* 18k Gold Plating
* 18k Rose Gold Plating

So why JoyAmo?

  1. Expert artisans designed and handcrafted their fashionable and stylish jewelry.
  2. They have been producing and perfecting their jewelry to keep the highest standards. 
  3. Their jewelry is of the highest quality. All their jewels have absolutely no peeling or discoloration of the skin upon wearing, thanks to 60 years of experience in the manufacturing process.
  4. They have a quality control team that examines each item after its production to make sure they are perfect.
  5. Their customer service meets the highest standards and they are at your service for questions or interests.
  6. They provide free shipping with tracking information and free express shipping on orders over €179.

My opinion on the personalized name necklace

I was worried the name might flip when I would move too much, but it stayed nicely in place. What I also find very helpful are their images which help you determine the perfect size.

picture provided by Joyamo Jewelry

The necklace is lightweight. I also love that rose gold color and the choice of letter type is so elegant. Another plus is that it comes in a small box in which you can store it separately from your other jewelry pieces. 😍

You can also find a lot of other choices on their website like Matching Necklaces and Jewelry for couples, Signature jewelry, Arabic jewelry, Birthstone jewelry, and so on so if you are looking for another mother's day gift idea pay them a visit.

Also, check out my previous blog post about Joyamo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry's matching for couples.

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. Oh I love this! That rose gold is super cute and I'm definitely reassured by the fact that they've been running for so long - I think that goes to show how great the quality is! Thanks for sharing, will definitely have to look into this x

  2. I love that this is personalized, it is amazing...I want to get one for my mom...Amazing idea.

  3. Those are all wonderful gift ideas to check out and I love something personalize to be honest since it gives it a special touch.

  4. Wow, this is a really special gift! I would love to get this necklace for my mom.


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