Saturday, 22 August 2020

Review about the 'JouwBox' edition 10 - Natural Products for Healthy Lifestyle

Hi There..... Were you looking for natural products for a healthy lifestyle? Do you have some time to spare?

I sure hope so because I have a lot to share with you? Especially if you are interested in all kinds of produce, from nutritional to body care 😃

I was one of the lucky people that received the 'JouwBox' to review..... And you can bet your bottom dollar that I wanted to share this with you..... So make yourself comfortable 😊

Maybe you haven't been introduced to this 'JouwBox' before..... No worries..... I am gonna tell you all about it..... It was put together by Ralph Moorman and Amber Alberda..... They have both been sending out the same message when it comes to health for about ten years now..... That nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are your best medicine..... They have written inspirational books on health, trained a lot of coaches, and have spoken at many Health events.

So they teamed up together to compose this special edition of 'JouwBox'..... This special box has been filled with their favorite natural products in the field of hair, skin, mouth, and also nutritional products and supplements. 

Aha..... Are you getting curious now..... Let me introduce you to all those great products 😉

Bee Honest - Shampoo bar & conditioner Jasmin & Propolis


I DO! - Green tea with ginger

OOLABOO - natural white toothpaste

MATTISSON - Biological Cacao Powder

MUDMASKY® - Leave-me-on Autumn Mask

NATURAL HEROES - African Black Soap

PIROCHE - Vegetal Oil Emulsion

SEACRET - Hand Cream With Shea Butter

THE HEALTH FACTORY - Okinawa Mineralen

I am, however, going to split those up over several blog posts because I want all the products to get the necessary attention..... I think it is very important to give back..... As H. Jackson Brown Jr. said 'Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more' 😄

My first one today will be about the..... Silver Deo Summer Breeze Roller from ERICA..... What does their website say about this deo..... It's a deodorant with a pleasant oriental scent that gives you a fresh feeling..... Pure silver naturally works against bacteria..... The deodorant prevents the build-up of perspiration odor without closing the pores..... It is free from aluminum chlorohydrate..... All scents are made up of natural essential oils and extracts.

Sounds pretty good to me..... As long as the scents are real and not made up 😁

Well, I am gonna tell you right away..... They are not made up at all..... I always dive in nose first..... And this deo really smells very fresh..... I was worried that the roller might be sticky..... But was glad that it wasn't..... And yes..... I did sniff my armpits a couple of times to see if they kept fresh..... No, I am not posting a picture of my armpits..... You will just have to take my word for it that this deodorant does what it is supposed to do 😂

The second one today is about the..... Wait for it..... The hand cream with Shea Butter from Seacret..... What does their website say about this hand cream..... It is a good fit for all skin types..... It's a rich, moisturizing cream that softens the hands with a replenishing complex of vitamins, natural oils, and plant butters that deliver a long-lasting moisture boost and enhances the look of healthy skin..... Benefits are..... 1. It helps repair dry, damaged skin..... 2. It gets absorbed easily..... 3. It gives hands the long-lasting protection they need.

I would be thrilled with those kinds of traits too..... Especially in these times of Corona where you have to wash your hands more frequently 😊

Not sure if the skin on my hands differs from everyone else's..... But it works for my skin for sure..... I really felt like my hands needed some cream lately..... I added a new bedtime routine and now I always apply some hand cream before I go to bed, that way my hands are nice and soft the next morning..... The only thing I am not crazy about was the smell..... But it doesn't bother me that much because it was not quite that pronounced..... So, all in all, I am still very happy with it..... All's well that ends well..... Right 😄

Be sure to keep an eye on my blog to find out more about those other natural products from my 'JouwBox'

Oh yes..... Before I forget..... I still have an important message..... If you order at  today you get a free online course "gezonde gezinnen" (healthy families) worth 47€ extra..... So what are you waiting for 😊

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

“They gave me a product for free for my honest review”

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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

7 Great Ways to promote your Blog

Hi There..... Are you a blogger?

Ah..... Great to meet you..... Have you been blogging for long?

I have been at it now for 3 years and I have learned so much..... And I thought why not share some of my knowledge to make it easier for you..... Deep down I really have a good heart you know..... And that is not deep down under the ground 😋

But maybe like me in the beginning you are struggling to get your blog read..... I still am working on improving every day..... Those things take a lot of time..... Some people think..... Yes, I got the answer..... I will just start blogging and people will read my blog just like that..... Noooo..... You wish..... You have to work hard to get your blog out there 😃

So if that's what you were hoping..... You had better quit right now..... But if you are willing to work for it..... Here are some tips that might help 😊

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1. Number 1 to start with is maybe getting email followers. Make sure that your blog page has the option for people to join your email list. There are a lot of programs too to help you with that..... Like for instance Mailchimp..... You can find a lot more of these tools just by typing in..... Email Marketing Tools for Bloggers 

2. Number 2 is making use of platforms like for instance ..... Another one is And And there are probably a lot more of those out there where you can share your blog..... You can promote some of them or all of them..... Like I do at the bottom of each blog post..... They will get you extra followers and this way potential readers..... Not every follower is Perse a reader too. 

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3. Number 3 is making use of your Social Media like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook..... Those are the most popular ones but there are a lot more of them. Make sure that once you publish a blog post you always share it at least once..... But you don't have to restrain yourself..... You can do more if you like..... I, for instance, promote 3 or more blog posts on Twitter daily.

4. Number 4 on my list is Facebook groups..... There are a lot of groups where you can promote your blog without having to do anything in return like ..... Try searching on Facebook starting with Blogger and choose the option groups to get all kinds of groups..... All you have to do now is join.

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5. Number 5 for me is Tailwindapp (if you use this link we will both get a free $15 Tailwind credit when you upgrade to Plus) ..... And I especially love the tribes..... If you use the free option you can join up to 5 tribes and you get 30 submissions every month..... Haven't you always wanted to be in a tribe..... Well, this is your chance..... You can share your blog with the tribes but you will have to pin others in return.

6. Number 6 is important too..... Sharing on Pinterest group boards..... I started one of my own some time ago ..... You are free to join it if you like..... At the moment there are almost 200 people pinning to the board and there are new ones asking to join every week.

7. Number 7 is something that I heard from others but I actually haven't done myself..... Guest blogging..... It is best to find blogs in the same niche as yours..... Ask them to make a Guest blog..... Or you could try to find someone to exchange posts..... You make a post for them and they make one for you..... Don't forget to link to your own blog of course.

I sure hope that my tips are helpful for you 😀

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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