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My chronic illness and Last Reviews for the JouwBox edition 10

Hi There..... Would you like to learn more about my chronic illness and the new gift box I received?

Did you know that every September is Happy Cat Month?  😍

I am a huge cat lover..... They are so darn cuddly and cute..... It’s actually very hard for me, I cannot keep one at the moment..... Well, it’s a long story actually..... We moved 4 years ago to an apartment due to my chronic illness..... My cartilage is of very poor quality….. As a result, it is breaking down bit by bit all over my body 😟

Momentarily, I already have a hip and knee prosthesis on my right side….. But my left knee is giving me more and more problems every day now too….. Wish I could say that this was my only problem….. The disks in my back spine are slowly degenerating too….. And those of my neck were more than happy to join in on the fun 😜

Ooh no, I still haven’t finished….. My shoulders are becoming more blocked and more painful….. Probably a result of walking on crutches a lot in the last few years….. And then there are my wrists and thumbs pains….. Mostly because of some abnormal bone depositions….. I have those in different places all over my body….. I suppose they also wanted to join in on the fun 😜

Can you imagine that some people envy me….. Just because I am not working anymore 😲

What they don’t see is how many painkillers I have to take in daily…… They get me through an average day….. But there are limits to what my body can do….. And if I cross those limits, I will have to pay for it….. The result is that I have to cope with 2 or 3 days of severe pain….. Sometimes I even can’t straighten my back anymore….. And then I haven’t told you about my muscles yet….. They are fed-up with it and overreact….. Resulting in blockages 😢

You may call me crazy, but I really don’t get what they are jealous of 😵

Great..... Feels good getting that off my chest 

Let's get back to more fun things..... Like reviewing..... I think it's fun 😁

There were still 2 things in my Jouwbox left that I haven't told you about..... If you did not see the previous ones..... Here is a link to them

The first one still on my list is the Mudmasky Leave-me-on Autumn mask..... What does their website say about this mask..... It's a gel-based and oil-free ultra calming formula..... It rebalances and rehydrates your skin after a hot summer.....The mask reduces sunspots to a minimum after using daily after 2 till 3 weeks..... Without the use of popular bleaching chemicals like hydroquinone..... Fragrance-free

Sounds pretty cool..... Don't you agree 😉

As the name already suggests you can just put it on and leave it..... Still, I really have to read it twice to believe..... As the French say 'Simple come Bonjour' (translated as simple as saying hello)..... No hassle with rinsing it off afterward..... As I was rubbing it in it became rather sticky for a few seconds but that feeling disappeared..... And now my skin is almost as soft as a baby skin..... Did you know that your skin loses a lot of moisture in the summertime..... Especially in a hot summer like we had this year..... It may seem pretty expensive but you don't need much..... So the tube will last for a long time.....To me, this mask is the perfect solution..... As Maira Kalman said 'I truly believe there's always a solution to every problem 😎

The last product to review is the Okinawa minerals from the Health Factory..... What does their website say about these minerals..... They are the basic minerals from nature..... These minerals consist of calcium and magnesium as in the natural ratio of our body of 2 to 1..... They are unique in the sense that they contain 76 essential and ionic minerals and trace elements..... The Health Factory pack their products in high-quality dark violet glass, which only transmits infrared and ultraviolet UVA light.... Resulting in a much longer shelf life and vitalizing..... Following is a list of reasons why everyone should use these minerals

Okinawa minerals have a proven absorbability of 80% within 20 minutes..... A multivitamin contains all vitamins, but not all minerals and trace elements. Therefore, use the minerals daily as a multimineral..... the lack of minerals and trace elements in the farmland was already identified and reported by the US Senate in 1936. Their advice for every American was therefore to replenish minerals and trace elements daily. Eighty years later, it is still not generally known how big the shortages are in the soil, in food, crops, and therefore in humans..... Behavioral problems, learning difficulties, psychological complaints, and disorders are increasingly common and are partly caused by mineral and trace element deficiencies. Deficiencies can already arise in the womb..... It is the purest and most mineral and trace supplement, sourced from Sango Coral from Okinawa, an island near Japan. It is the only coral, of the 2.500 species in the world, whose composition is almost identical to that of human bone. Surgeons around the world even use this coral for bone grafts..... Water to which Okinawa minerals have been added has a pH value of 10 and is, therefore, more deacidifying than fruit and vegetables.

That is quite an extensive list..... Don't you agree 😮

But I can understand why they want to give this much information..... Especially given the fact that most people don't realize that they might be lacking these minerals..... I can't say for sure that I do or don't need them..... I would dare to think not because I have been taking supplements twice a day since my Gastric Bypass..... But I did try them out in a glass of water one day and in a glass of fruit juice the other day..... Here is a picture from my water experiment 😋

Almost looked a bit like milk..... Weirdly it hardly has any taste..... I only tasted the graininess from the substance..... Solving it in fruit juice worked better for me..... It solves well and the fruit juice didn't taste any different as far as I could tell..... I am not that much of a fan of Yoghurt but I am thinking that could work even better.....  😍

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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“They gave me a product for free in exchange for my honest review”

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Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Tips on some handy gifts for Travelers - JouwBox edition 10 - Gift Box

Hi There..... Do you like gift boxes? Are you looking for some handy gifts for travelers? 

Here in Belgium, the 1st of September is always the first school day..... So did you go on vacation..... Did you have a good time..... I am actually glad the vacation is over..... That's when the fun starts for us..... We are free to go whenever we want.... Our kids have left home a few years ago..... So we always wait till others get back to work..... The less crowd the more fun for us 😁 

Ah..... Are you thinking where on earth this conversation is leading to this time..... I just love to keep you on hold..... I am a mean woman..... Aren't I 😂

Maybe you read my previous blogs about this 'JouwBox' (Gift Box) I was lucky to receive..... Here are the links to them if you still haven't read them..... High time you did 😀

The products I am reviewing today could be handy gifts for travelers..... It's always good to share tips on some handy products for Travelers..... Right..... But my tip could also be great for people who only travel once a year..... Maybe you should just read on to understand where I am going to 😉

The first one today is the Shampoo bar & conditioner with Jasmin and Propolis from Bee Honest Cosmetics..... Let's have a look at what their website says about this Shampoo bar..... It is in the form of a bar of soap and is especially for your hair..... It works the same as a liquid shampoo..... It ensures that your hair becomes clean and gets volume and shine without drying out your hair..... It is very economical in use..... 1 bar corresponds to 3 bottles of shampoo..... Beside nectar and pollen..... Bees collect resin from all kinds of trees and plant buds..... They add various enzymes from their salivary glands to this, resulting in propolis..... Bees use propolis to strengthen their beehives and protect their colonies against viruses, bacteria, and fungi..... Because of the many antioxidants in propolis, it helps neutralize cell-damaging free radicals from for example air pollution particles and UV radiation..... The jasmine oil gives the bar a lovely fresh, light floral scent..... The shampoo bar has a regenerative capacity thanks to the propolis..... Suited for dry and damaged hair.

For those who care about the environment..... I have to include that they pack the soap bar in a cardboard box..... They don't apply any plastic..... Can't be against this now, can we 😍

There's a first time for everything and also my first time to use this kind of shampoo bar….. You can imagine me being curious to try it….. And I have to say It was a pleasant surprise….. Straightforward to use, and my hair felt nice and soft afterward….. If you ask me, it does not compare to using separate shampoo and conditioner….. I think this could be the perfect product to take with you on your holiday….. It is handy to pack and for those of you who like to fly….. It is not liquid and thus won’t pose any problems at airport security….. Unless they think you stashed some drugs inside your soap bar 😂

My second pick for today is the African Black Soap from Natural Heroes….. Let’s have a look at what their website says about this piece of soap….. It is 100% natural and vegan..... Saponification process through cocoa pods ash..... Can help strengthen your skin..... Suitable for your body and hair..... Free from colors, fragrances, and preservatives..... It is packed with vitamins A and E and an absolute benefactor for your skin..... Vitamin A helps your skin to produce collagen, keeps your skin firm, and prevents premature skin aging..... Vitamine E moisturizes and improves the texture of your skin..... Made from the ashes of local plants and barks such as plantain, cocoa pod husk, and palm tree leaves..... The leaves and barks are first dried in the sun and then roasted in a pot at a constant temperature, which is important to get the color and texture right..... Then they add water and oil (coconut oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter) and the mixture gets stirred for at least one day..... They then store the soap for two weeks before it is ready for usage..... Storage tip - keep it in a wooden box.

Doesn't it almost look like a piece of cake..... I was almost tempted to take a bite from it 😁

No, of course, I didn’t….. But I tried the soap and instantly fell in love with the scent….. It reminded me of the one we used when I was a child….. Don’t ask me its name because that I can’t recall….. So I cleaned my face with it as the site suggests you should….. I honestly don’t like to wash my face with soap because it makes my skin feel all dry….. But if you want to be a reviewer, you just have to try things out….. That is if you want to be an excellent reviewer….. And as you can see I survived….. My skin felt slightly dry but not as bad as I dreaded….. I can even say that it hasn’t felt this soft for a long time….. And who doesn’t want a more tight skin….. I know I do for sure 😋

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

“I was given a product for free in exchange for my honest review”

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