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Tips on How to Travel The World Virtually - Globetrotter VR - Platform for Virtual Travel

Hi There..... Do you like to travel the world? Are you a globetrotter?

I love to travel, but I am not at all a globetrotter. It’s not like I travel often and to different parts of the world. Why not? I don’t know, but I guess the world is way too big a place for me. Distant travels are just not my cup of tea. 😏

Travel the world, yes it sounds wonderful, so many great places to see, except for one tiny detail. This scaredy-cat is not at all a fan of flying. Don’t dare to laugh at me. At least I am not afraid to admit it. πŸ˜‹

Not that I don’t travel by plane sometimes, because I have been to Crete, Mallorca, Tenerife, and all by plane. There is just something that makes me so uncomfortable on a plane, and I dare to bet that I am not the only one. πŸ˜„

Don’t you just love the moment just before take-off, when they slam the doors shut and lock us all up on the plane? What a wondrous feeling, nothing can compare. 😎

Uh, no, of course it’s not, there is nothing fun about it. My favorite moment is the landing. I have often wondered why everyone always applauds when the pilot lands the plane. It has to be because I am not the only one in a sweat. 😁

At least I try to overcome my fears. “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful, are caught as often as the bold”. That’s a quote by Helen Keller. Aha, so who is the brave one now? I am, obviously. 😜

What would you say if I have found the perfect solution to this problem? What if you could travel the world virtually with Globetrotter-vr

What is Globetrotter VR?

Globetrotter VR is a platform for virtual travel. Experience the world through best-in-class guided tours using virtual reality. The best part? You don’t need special equipment to take one of their tours. 

Their virtual tours are designed by experts in the field of immersive experiences, so you don’t have to sit through another zoom call. Their guides are professionals who are passionate about their cities, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with amateurs.

How do the tours work?

They have two types of tours:
  • On Demand Tours

    Watch at your convenience. Designed for people with busy schedules and an appetite for discovery. Purchase for a one-time fee and start exploring immediately.

  • Live Guided Tours

    Join a live guided tour, alone or with friends, colleagues, or family. Designed for group activities and those who want to know more. Book a live guided tour for yourself, or for a group of friends, and join the next scheduled session.
All the tours are accessible from your PC, mobile, or virtual reality headset.

Who are the guides?

Globetrotter VR works with the best tour guides around the world. The guides are qualified professionals, with a vast knowledge of their city and bucketloads of charisma.

 What did I think?

They took me on a tour of Budapest through the ages. It was so much fun. It felt as if they were taking me on a walk, and all while I was in my lazy chair, giving my body some well-deserved rest. 

At first, you get to meet your guide and get a brief introduction, from there on you can choose where you want to go first. By freely moving around my curser, I could check out the entire surroundings from the floor to the sky and 360 degrees around me. 

At every site you visit, there are information buttons you can click to get some details from the guide and some pictures. What I loved about this is that you get to see pictures of the present, but also of the past with corresponding dates. The guide gives you some history of the site, but you also learn about tales and legends. 

Fun extra is that you get to see some things in daylight as well as in darkness. During the tour, you can also find several short videos. Something else I really liked was the birds-eye view I got from time to time.


All pictures and videos were of great quality. It's a professional guide who is a great storyteller, which makes it so much more interesting. 

There are a lot of advantages to this way of traveling.
  • No dragging heavy suitcases
  • A tour at your own pace
  • No motion sickness on the plain
  • Revisit again when you feel like it
  • Always on the front row
  • No fear of flying
  • ...

If you ask me, this is the perfect solution for people who are less mobile, don't have time, or don't have the funds to travel the world. It could also be a great way to teach history in schools or to make an assignment. It doesn't matter what it's for, but I can assure you, it's fun. 

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. This is so cool, especially during these times.

  2. I plan on doing this since it's the only way we can travel nowadays.

  3. This is awesome I love virtual travel hoping have my own VR!

  4. well that's an awesome product! I would use that every dang day! I'm finally going on a vacation next month since I'm fully vaccinated... and I can't wait!

  5. Such great tips! This is great for those that financially or physically be able to travel.

  6. My husband has used this and LOVES it.

  7. The product sounds wonderful. It sounds really good!

  8. Well I used to be a globetrotter but life/work got in the way! Globetrotter VR looks interesting.

  9. VR is great for virtual travel - we have done it a bit at home and I recently found one for Everest Base Camp

    Laura x

  10. Omdat ik niet reislustig ben, vind ik dit een slimme uitvinding!


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