Monday, 24 May 2021

Where to Find High Quality Eco-Friendly Fitness Apparel - BeReal - Sports Wear

Hi There..... Do you workout? Do you like sports wear and fitness apparel?

I will not lie about it, but workouts and sports are just not my cup of tea. That doesn’t mean I can’t wear sports wear, now does it? 😜

When I was a young girl, though, my mom used to take me and my sisters swimming every week. It was a lot of fun. First, we would swim for about an hour and a half, and afterward to the cafeteria. 😍

They had the most delicious pancakes and yogurt with fresh fruits. We stopped going there when they closed the cafeteria. Now tell me, what’s the point of swimming when you can’t have a snack after. 😏

Nah, that’s not the reason we stopped going. They closed the swimming pool for restoration, so we switched to ice skating, snacks included, of course. 😁

Ok, enough chit-chat. How about I tell you more about the sports wear from BeReal, who gifted me this Hoodie in return for a blog post? 😎

Who are they?

BeReal designs the highest quality and eco-friendly fitness apparel. They use the finest fabric for their collections. They have rigorous quality checks to ensure that customers get the best product/clothing and best customer service.

Their brand is an activewear brand. They have designs that are comfortable for workouts and even comfortable for lounging around or working from home. 

BeReal believes our true self is who we really are when we let go of all the stories, labels, and judgments that we have placed upon ourselves. It is who we naturally are without the masks and pretentiousness.

Who is it for?

Their sports wear is for everyone who wants to be unique and be real. They truly believe everyone is exceptional and unique in their own way and the clothing brand represents that.
Their fashion advice is 'Be Yourself, be Real … You are enough'

Where are they located?

Their base is in London, and they have a presence in New York as well. They are getting a significant response and are introducing online free workout classes on their website and IG @berealwear starting Sunday, so everyone can benefit from them in the comfort of their own home.

About their signature Hoodie

Perfect for all Seasons:
Made from super-soft, high-quality and comfortable cotton material to keep you warm and comfy indoors and outdoors.    
Relaxed Fit, with a drawstring in the hood.
Match the hoodie with leggings or joggers and wear it with their sports bra underneath for a complete look.

What did I think?

I am so in love with my new Hoodie. It is comfortable and soft, and the color and length are just perfect for me. I can easily combine it with my jeans or leggings. 

They have a lot of great sportswear on their website, so definitely worth checking out. 😍

Read the Interview with BeReal's Fashion Designer Batool 

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. What is it about this brand that makes their items eco-friendly? Are they using recycled cotton?

    1. Found this in an interview - Our packaging material is bio-degradable and we discourage single use plastic

  2. Wow wonderful tory and thanks for recommending this eco-friendly
    sport wearing..

  3. You look great on this sports wear. Loving it.

  4. I hope more companies start making eco-friendly products. But I still don't understand what makes them eco-friendly.

  5. Sounds like a great brand, I'm definitely going to check their stuff out.

  6. What a beautiful story and wonderful clothing. That sweatshirt is so cute!

  7. Such a wonderful story and the clothing is cute too!

  8. I definitely need more comfy sportswear. I'm checking out this brand!

  9. Celebrate Woman28 May 2021 at 03:16

    What a cool way to enjoy the clothes knowing that it's eco-friendly. Love the sweater.

  10. Rose Ann Sales28 May 2021 at 06:08

    Same here, I love wearing sporty attire especially a hoodie even if I don't work out a lot.

  11. I used to. Now I would just wear that as house clothes hahaha.


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