Saturday, 1 May 2021

Tips on Where to Find Handmade Jewelry - No More Boring Jewellery - Polymer Clay Jewelry

Hi There..... Are you a fan of handmade jewelry? Have you ever worn polymer clay jewelry?

I have made polymer clay jewelry too, and I can make the most magnificent pieces with clay. Haha, got you fooled there now, didn't I? 😁

The devil in me is always present, lurking in the dark. Ah yes, talking about the dark. Yesterday the power went out. I was watching The Voice, one of my favorite shows. How could they do this to me? 😭

It was about 10 in the evening, so it was pretty dark already. My cell phone is always right next to me, so I put on the flashlight app. We went to the front door, and it seemed the entire block was in the dark, not just us. 😨

There were people all over the street talking to each other about what could have happened. I ran out into the street to hurry to pick in on their conversation. Nah, of course not. That’s not me. 😂

I don't know what happened, but so glad all the lights came back on at about half-past 11. It took the internet providers about an hour longer to get everything back into the rails, so we watched a DVD of Mission Impossible. Sorry to say, Tom Cruise is not my favorite actor at all. 😬

Are you kidding, he is one of the all-time greatest actors if you ask me? It was almost 1 in the morning as we were only halfway, so I went to bed. To sleep, of course. 😏

All this has entirely nothing to do with my blog post today. Except that it’s also about something I really love. Jewelry, but not just any. It’s about handmade jewelry from No More Boring Jewellery. 😍

About the artist and her relationship to Art?

Sofia, the 25-year-old maker behind this shop, was raised in Crete, a Greek island. Living with her grandparents, she learned a lot from her grandmother's creativity. She was always busy with things like knitting, painting, and jewelry making. That's where Sofia got her inspiration from.

Her eye for detail is something she inherited from her father. As a young girl she absolutely loved to do realistic portrait drawing, and friends and family would give her lots of commission to draw their pictures. 

Once she started university and later on work, she didn't have the energy to do anything remotely creative. This all changed because of a call from her grandmother who said 'You should always be drawing'. She kept repeating this several times during the call, and it kinda stuck to her.

Sofia kept contemplating, and it took her a couple of weeks to give in again to her creativity.

Why jewelry?

Being stressed with time, she wondered if there wasn't a better way to express her creativity. A portrait drawing on general took her about 7 hours to finish. She felt there surely had to be a way to save time and also reach more women. 

Simple maths brought her to jewelry making. Polymer clay jewelry is something people can wear every day. Her goal is to offer small art pieces, not just simple pieces of jewelry. 

That's how the name No More Boring Jewelry came to be. She designs every piece after hours of prototyping so that it gives a unique vibe and allows the customers to express their creativity.

Plans for the future?

Her goal is to keep creating unique and limited pieces. This is how a new idea came to life. She plans to launch monthly themed boxes with a few handmade jewelry pieces. Every month, there will be a completely new offering on her website. 

The boxes will contain leaflets explaining the inspiration for the pieces, the original hand-drawn design and some facts about the particular theme. There will be custom-made boxes based on the theme. The different sizes of boxes will range from £15 - £70 pounds.

What did I think?

Her designs are so intricate and detailed. I used to make polymer clay beads a very long time ago. She makes it all look so easy, but it's definitely not. 

Sofia chose these for me, and I wasn't expecting them to look that good on me, but they do. At least I think so. In the past, I have always shied away from larger earrings, thinking they would not be for me. That proves I too can be wrong. 

This is also one that Sofia chose for me. They may look heavy, but her pieces are so very delicate and thin, which makes them a lot lighter than you would expect. I would advise you to store them separately, though, because of their delicate nature. 

This was my favorite pair of earrings from her shop. I immediately fell in love with the raindrop shape of these lovely polymer clay earrings. Her pieces are not the most obvious color combinations, but they all work perfectly together.

I am so glad she also added this one to my package because it is stunning. I love the little extra heart on the side, which makes it so special and out of the ordinary. 

You should check out her Instagram profile and look at all the wonderful polymer clay jewelry pieces and the fun videos she makes. 

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. These are so beautiful pieces. The jewelry on this no more boring jewelry site is very attractive! thank you for sharing.

  2. These are so pretty, and great for spring!

  3. I love earrings and jewellery. I have a huge collection of eccentric and costume jewellery. These polymer ones look fab!

  4. I love how bold and colourful these earrings are.I think earrings really help to set off any outfit.

  5. Wat een mooie sieraden. De oorbellen staan je erg goef

  6. Die oorbellen staan je goed, heel mooi

  7. Wat leuk die zelfgemaakte oorbellen van polymeer, lijkt veel op fimo klei.

  8. Ik vind het superleuke sieraden! Lekker kleurrijk en die bloemetjes op de oorbellen vind ik prachtig.

  9. I love handmade stuff, and these are beautiful!

  10. I've seen quite a lot of these polymer clay jewelry lately and they are so pretty! I love your necklace!

  11. Wat een mooie sieraden. Ik zeg het eerlijk niet mijn stijl maar handgemaakt vind ik wel erg mooi

  12. Mieke | Miek's Mind5 May 2021 at 08:44

    wat een vrolijke en kleurrijke oorbellen, leuk voor de lente en zomer

  13. hand gemaakt vind ik altijd heel leuk want niemand heeft dat :D de oorbellen staan je heel leuk :D

  14. Your blogpost is so nice and easy to read!
    It made me smile, feel sympathetic and curious.
    Very engaging.
    Thank you!

  15. Ik ben dol op oorbellen. Ik heb wel een andere smaak maar deze zijn wel erg vrolijk!


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