Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Where To Find a Fun Gift For Dad - HemdVoorHem - Happy Men's Socks

Hi There..... Do you still need a gift for father’s day? What would you think of some men’s socks as a gift for dad? 

Bad Idea? No, not just an ordinary pair of men’s socks, of course. I was definitely thinking of something a lot more fun. Not just plain black or white, but some cool and colorful men’s socks. 😊

Ah, I know what you are thinking. Does she also have a fun story up her sleeve about plain socks? Of course, I do. What did you think?  😉

This week’s trip down memory lane is about my time in high school, about 40 years ago. It was a time when wearing a uniform was not at all out of the ordinary. 😇

Our uniform consisted of a light blue blouse, a navy blue pleated skirt, and long white socks that came just below the knee, and navy blue shoes. The school was pretty strict. They wouldn’t let us walk around with rolled-up sleeves or sagged socks. The teachers would do regular checks to make sure we followed the rules. 😏

I recall a springtime when it was so hot. One girl had gotten the idea to roll up her socks. The teachers didn’t notice, so by noon almost half of us had followed her example. 😁

I guess it caught the eye of our headmistress, though. She scared the wits out of us when she came running out of her office. Her face was all red in anger, telling us all to pull up our socks right away. Can you guess what happened? 😬

Not much. We were all very much afraid of her, so we pulled up our socks in no time. 😨

Time to tell you more about the fun gift I received from HemdVoorHem in exchange for my honest opinion. 😍

They were packed so nicely in a gift box, but first, let me tell you a bit more about HemdVoorHem.

Who are they? is a webshop from The Netherlands for men in non-iron shirts, men's sweaters, polo shirts, ties, men's underwear, men's socks, and accessories (such as cufflinks, belts, and phone cases). Since our founding in 2010, we want to keep improving ourselves for a maximum online shopping experience. 

With grand passion and care, we strive as a team for the best service, quality, competitive prices, and a continuously changing range. Anytime, anywhere: on desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Our employees will answer all your questions. We handle all orders in our own warehouse. In every business decision, we always try to go for the most sustainable solution in which customers and the environment are our prime focus.

What is their major focus?

Shirts are and remain our specialty, we have an extensive collection in our online shop. They are no ordinary shirts, but mainly non-iron shirts. There are some exceptions, such as OLYMP Level 5, these are extra easy care. In addition, you will find a still-growing collection of other clothing items for him. 

We have ties in all kinds of colors and patterns, an extensive collection of men's sweaters in various styles and models from the same brands as the shirts. Our men's underwear collection varies from t-shirts to trendy boxer shorts, from classic to modern; we have the right underwear for every man. 

We also have many colors of polo shirts from Lacoste, Arrow, OLYMP, Calvin Klein, and Eterna. Our wide online range of quality socks are from the brands FALKE, Burlington, and Tommy Hilfiger; men's socks that fit like a glove. We also have an extensive stock of fashionable men's accessories to complete your outfit. 

New in our range is the underwear from the well-known Italian fashion brand Armani and the trusted Dutch brand Claesens. 

What are Happy Socks?

The name says it all, you can't help but be happy with Happy Socks! The Happy Socks for men and women are the same, you can choose from two sizes. Happy Socks will make you happy, and everyone else who sees them can't help but smile. The cotton stretch socks are known for their cheerful colors and striking patterns. An easy way to make every day just that bit more fun. Whether you wear them with a business suit or casual outfit, Happy Socks are fun for men and women. For yourself, but certainly also as a present.

Before I can share my thoughts, you need to know that the Happy socks in the boxes from HemdVoorHem are made of combed cotton. Uh, no, it doesn't mean you should comb them every day before wearing them. Let me share with you some information I found on jingsourcing.

What is combed cotton?

Combed cotton, literally is combed, leaving long, straight cotton fibers only by removing short fibers and impurities to make the fabric stronger and softer. It is a very soft version of cotton, making combed cotton very suitable for sensitive skin. 

It also pills less than regular cotton and is also more durable. It dries easily, is more absorbent, and is anti-odor. 

What did I think?

These 2 pairs of socks were in my gift box. Don't you just love them? I don't see why men's socks can't be fun. They are made at calf's length from combed cotton. You could feel that especially the inside is a lot softer than regular socks. 😍

On top of that you get a famous Tony's Chocolonely bar, what more could you want. I can't promise I am not going to steal them from my hubby. 😂

If you are interested in quality menswear, check out my previous blog post about HemdVoorHem 

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. Cool post. I did need some ideas for Dad’s day!

  2. Lovely gift guide post. You can't beat funky socks can you? I'll defo be getting these for my father in law for Father's Day


  3. You are right! Socks doesn't have to be boring. I loved the idea!

  4. This is such a lovely idea. I like that they come in a gift box too. My hubby loves colourful socks so these would be perfect for him.

  5. Rose Ann Sales15 May 2021 at 09:11

    LOve your story, it reminds me of my grade school days.

  6. The non-iron shirt and underwear is the best father gift that you should get for him. Normally men doesn't really care so much about those nitty gritty to iron cloth or old underwear. But trust me, when you get those easy to use shirt, father would love it. So I'll definitely go to to check it out.

  7. Amazing list of gifts. I usually give my husband some new clothes, cologne, and some chocolates. Never thought about socks!

  8. Uhhh I hope you already stole that choc bar and ate it all up! School days bring back fun memories. Followed example hahaha. A d those non iron shirt was just wondering cant be cotton right? Because cotton needs ironing. A d hey you didnt show the trendy underwear I so missed:p lovely review and did full justice to the brand as always. Learned about combed cotton for the first time. Thanks xx
    Isa A. Blogger

  9. I keep hearing about Happy Socks. I love the assortment of designs that they have. Any dad would be happy to have them!

  10. I would love to get my dad these socks, especially funny ones, as he is a jokester! Thanks for the idea!

  11. I love the ideas but these socks are soooooo cool, love them!!!

  12. The colors are so vibrant! And I adore the idea for the non-iron essentials.


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