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Where to find custom-designed Brides Apparal - Iaunna's Bridal Store

Hi There..... Do you have any special occasions coming up soon? Perhaps you might like to learn more about where to find a great bridal store to get bridal dresses, custom-designed T-shirts, special brides jewelry, or any other bridal apparel? 

Ah, now I got you interested, didn't I. Even though you may not have any special occasion coming up, it's always good to know where to find the perfect items. All you will have to do is remember. πŸ˜‰

That reminds me of the time I got married, even though it has been 35 years. We now only have 15 more years to go to make it to our 50th anniversary. It was incredibly sad though, that we couldn't go out to celebrate this year in May, because all restaurants were closed. 😭

Are you kidding me? We wouldn't let Corona spoil the fun. Luckily, the supermarkets were open, so we bought some meats to grill, some vegetables, and some French bread to make our own private restaurant. It was fun and cozy. 😍

Where was I? Ah, yes, here behind my laptop, of course. Ok, time to tell you some more about this bridal store where you can find lots of great stuff for special occasions. 

Iaunnasbridal gifted me this gorgeous Sleeping Beauty Forever Rose, and a Cinderella Led Forever Rose in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Picture by Seadbeady

About Iaunna's Bridal

We are the fun patrol when you need us most!  

At Iaunna's Bridal, we provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our clients’ satisfaction matters a lot. We have the perfect custom Designed T-shirts with custom software built-in so you can upload any image and other custom-designed items that are tailored to meet your needs through our standard shopping practice.

Even if you are not sure of what you want, our e-shop has got several ways to help you identify your needs. Everything about our designs from our bridal store revolves around our commitment to helping you look your best, and inspiring confidence in you.

Although we are brand new on the scene, our sister store has been operating for over 2 1/2 years and we have built up a reputable establishment online through them. We have a great team and aim to grow our business more and more, offering our customers the best custom Bridal Apparel & product designs available.


We are the inspiration patrol when you need us most! We provide the best premiere personalized products for all special occasions. 

At Iaunna's Bridal, we provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our clients’ satisfaction matters a lot. We have the perfect custom Designed Apparel, Jewelry, and more with custom software built-in so you can upload any image and other custom-designed items that are tailored to meet your needs through our standard shopping practice.

Our policy is to give all customers the best possible positive customer service we can provide. We are currently only online. If you have a question about any of our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.

24K Gold Disney's Sleeping Beauty Forever Rose

Realistic roses represent love, and the 24K Gold Foil Crystal Enchanted Sleeping Beauty Rose
100% brand new and high quality
🎁 Beautiful Roses of Eternity Never Corrode: Never Withering Roses have always been a symbol of beauty, love, and appreciation. Our gold foil rose is a pleasant gift for mom, for wife, for girlfriend.

Picture by Seadbeady

My opinion on the Forever Rose

I saw this in the shop and immediately fell in love with it. When they delivered it at home, it was everything I expected it would be. I love how it reflects the light with the crystal color leaves and petals. It's not made of glass, but it almost looks like it is. If you ask me, this could be the perfect gift for any woman.

Disney's Princesses 24K Gold Led Forever Rose

Eternal gold foil flower with glass cover, creative ornament

Product weight: about 1lb (with package),.50lb (net weight)
Product size: height 8.66"in (22cm) * 4.5"in (11.5cm) (base diameter)
Package size with gift box: 10" * 5" * 5s
The black base is made of plastic, with a button on the bottom to turn on the light, and can be installed with three No. 7 batteries (delivered without batteries)

Check out this short video by Seadbeady

My opinion on the Led Forever Rose

This is so beautiful, and I know exactly what I am going to use it for. Next time when my 5-year-old granddaughter comes to stay the night, I am putting up this rose so she can have a calming light in the room. She loves all the Disney Princesses, so I am certain she will love to use this as a night light. 

You could also use it as a romantic decoration to create the perfect atmosphere. I am ever so happy with both my gifts and there's lots of other stuff to find in this store. Below are a few more examples.

Pearl Bowtie Cutout Stilettos

Shiny Little Black Dress

French Shimmery Bridal Gown

Isn't that the most amazing wedding dress, and how about that cute little black dress for a special occasion? You can go browse that bridal store now because this is the end of today's blog post. 😊

Sad news, I know, but don't worry, I'll be back before you know it. 😏

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Thursday, 14 October 2021

Best Tip To Find Your Perfect Color Combination - Jill Kirsh Color Shades Expert

Hi There..... Do you struggle to find the right color combination for your outfit? Would you like some information on what color shades are right for you?

I bet you do. It can be hard sometimes going to the store, trying to put a great outfit together. My husband is superb at picking the right clothes for me, but when I have to go shopping on my own, it’s a disaster. 😰

Most times I don’t come back with an empty wallet, but with empty bags. Can you imagine me having to run around naked? Oh my, you had better not, because that’s a scary thought unless you are a fan of horror movies. 😏

Although my hubby comes up with color shades, sometimes, that I feel are just not right for me. I always feel drawn to all kinds of red in the store. It seems to be a color that has never failed me. Can you picture my wardrobe full of reds? That would be quite cool, right? I am thinking of dying my hair red too. 😎

No way, blondes have more fun. Besides, I think you should have different color combinations in your wardrobe. That’s why I was so happy with this color shades swatch booklet Jill Kirsh gifted me in exchange for a blog post. It’s the perfect tool for finding the right color combinations for you. 😍

Who is Jill Kirsh?

Jill Kirsh is THE color expert! She was named Best Color Consultant in the Best of LA issue of Los Angeles magazine and is frequently called upon by Red Carpet celebrities, Grammy-winning musicians, and titans of business for color coaching. 

In addition, she is featured in the award-winning documentary Gray Is the New Blonde, where she shares her color expertise on how to rock gray hair. Jill is known in Hollywood as the “Guru of Hue”. 

Her unique color combination system has been the talk of the fashion world for over twenty years. She has been featured nationally and internationally on television, in magazines, on podcasts, webinars, seminars, and in her one-on-one client color coaching sessions. Color is such a niche.

About the color shades system

She created an innovative and unique system for fashion and beauty that’s entirely based on your present hair color.

Your hair frames your face, your eyes & your smile, and when you incorporate your hair color into your color choices for your wardrobe, it pulls the attention of the viewer up to your face and the message you’re communicating in words just rides on that wave. 

There are no distractions, and your presence is greatly enhanced. And it’s not just about getting the right color shades for clothing, but it’s also the right shades of makeup for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Just wearing your perfect lip color will make your face shine.

It’s about color, it’s about fashion, it’s about beauty, it’s about you!!!

How does the color shades system work?

Her color makeover system starts with your customized wallet-size swatch book that’s filled with pieces of fabric of all your best shades of every color. Use it as a guide for shopping for everything in the world of fashion & beauty, from tees, trousers & nail color to gemstones, party dresses, and stilettos! She has personally chosen all the colors in your swatch book. Not only are all of these your best color shades, but every shade coordinates with each other, so you can look your most beautiful every day and create a wardrobe that totally rocks!

How does the color system help people?

It makes people extremely happy. It also makes them more confident in the way they present themselves. She tells people they can wear basically every color. It just depends on knowing your best shades of that color. So let’s say that purple is trending right now. You can definitely rock purple, but different color shades than your friend who has an entirely different hair color. She gives everyone lots of choices to create their own look, which is fun, exciting, and empowering for them.

Picture by Seadbeady

My opinion on the color shades booklet

It's not just the booklet, but the free ebook you can get on her website that has given me a lot of new insights. With this booklet, I am certain that next time I go shopping on my own, I will not return empty-handed. Obviously shopping with my hubby is more fun, but now if I am on my own and see something, I will be confident enough to buy it too. πŸ˜ƒ

Picture by Seadbeady

This is one of the color combinations I did a brief experiment with. I tried to put all these colors together in one outfit, and I was pretty happy with the result. As you can see, my cardigan is the top color, and the middle color is part of my white T-shirt. 

Picture by Seadbeady

Then I changed the background to white because that is also in this combination. It seems the background of my pictures is much more important than I thought because the picture pops out more that way.

Picture by Seadbeady

There are also a lot of colors in the swatch book that I never thought would be for me. It's going to be fun trying them all out. 😊

There may be a slight negative, though. I have to continue dying my hair because grey is not my color. Then again, I wasn't planning to let my hair turn grey, anyway. And should I ever decide to rock grey, I can always order a new color shades booklet. πŸ˜‰

If you like you can also watch this YouTube video from Jill Kirsh 

You also might like this blog post of mine about the female body shapes

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Best Tip on Where To Find Accessories For Men - Fanya black Italian leather belt

Hi There..... Do you, or maybe your husband, like to wear leather belts? Also, do you find it hard sometimes to find the perfect accessories for men? 

I wonder what your answer to both questions would be. Such a shame that blog posts can’t be more interactive. You could let me know if you love leather belts or not, and maybe you are the champion in finding great accessories for men. No matter what you answer, I would still write about the same subject, anyway. 😁

If you read my interview blog post on Wednesday, you would now know why. Unless you are just as forgetful as me, then you wouldn’t remember that I told you I am a kind soul. I never tease people. πŸ˜‡

Haha, false, of course. I told you I am evil. Ah, and it is obvious I love to tease other people. It’s not my fault, however. My mom and dad teased me, my sisters did, and now my hubby does it too. Anything they can do, I can do better. 😎

When I was young, I always thought I was the worst at everything. Safe to say I suffered from a serious inferiority complex. Perhaps I will tell you more about that in another blog post, just not today. Today’s blog post will be about accessories for men because Trendhim gifted me this leather belt in exchange for my honest opinion. 😊

Picture by Seadbeady

About Trendhim

Accessories for men are not about dressing up for special occasions, nor are they reserved for a specific group of men. It’s not about gimmicks or looking good. It’s about telling your story and expressing what makes you your own. One way to do that is through the smaller things you wear—accessories.

Trendhim designs quality accessories for men that are fashionable and affordable. They currently have 13 brands in their portfolio launching several collections a year and an ever-growing arsenal of articles to help you get the most from your order.

Picture by Seadbeady

Trendhim's values

They make things happen in flip-flops
They provide those good feelings & vibes
Hakuna Matata - It means no worries

Founding of Trendhim

It was late 2007 when Sebastian and Mikkel founded Trendhim. They were 18 and finishing up their last year of high school. They were young, energetic, burning with the desire to start their own business... and naΓ―ve enough to actually go for it.

They came up with 2 ideas – a home delivery service for bread on the weekends and an online store with jewelry and accessories for men.

You know how they say entrepreneurs must do whatever it takes to make their business succeed? Well. As much as they would love to agree, they quickly decided that the whole getting up at 4 a.m. to deliver bread thing wasn't really their cup of tea.

And that was it! Morning bread suffered a swift death, and from the charcoaled ashes of waking up early... rose Trendhim.

Picture by Seadbeady

Fanya black Italian leather belt

Every man’s closet should have a black leather belt. Designed for both casual and formal occasions, this selection from Fawler offers a stylish touch and will pair well with other silver-tone accessories.

Cut from full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather, it features a nickel-plated brass buckle, beveled edges, and a glossy finish.

The Italian craftsmanship is clear in every detail of this leather belt, from the stitching to the Italian hardware and leather. The top-quality hide used will get better with age and improve in feel, texture, and comfort.

Designed in Denmark. Fawler storage pouch included.

Genuine full-grain leather
Width: 1 3/8"
Buckle: 2 15/16" x 1 9/16"

Picture by Seadbeady

My opinion on the leather belt

My hubby is so happy with this belt. He says it's simple and beautiful, just perfect. The luxury drawstring bag is a nice extra. This leather belt doesn't press into his belly button like some others do. 

Picture by Seadbeady

The only negative may be that at the moment it feels quite stiff, but I am sure that it will get better with age, as they say. 

A big plus is you don't have to worry about punching holes in your belt that wear out and stretch. No more problems with tightening or loosening the belt, because of the handy belt buckle. 

Picture by Seadbeady

Check out a few other items from this shop

I don't want to keep you any longer. Go on and have a look at their website, because they have lots of other accessories for men. 😍

You may be interested too in this blog about men's clothing
Or this one 

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Where To Find 24 Great Gifts For Women - Handmade Gift Guide - 10/2021

Hi There..... Are you ready for another gift guide?

What if I told you I had some new great gifts for women, of which some can be useful for men too? I do, but this time my gift guide is different. I filled it with all kinds of handmade gifts. 😍

Perhaps you are curious why I am a fan of handmade, and why I published this handmade gift guide. The answer is simple, because I am a creative soul myself. When I started this blog, all I had in mind was promoting my own handmade beadwork jewelry. πŸ˜‰

I had been waiting around for someone to find my shop and write a story about it. There was a young girl that asked me if I wanted to be on her blog, but she wanted one of my pieces in return. Back then, I only had my shop as a hobby. That’s why I politely declined. 😦

That’s when I thought, I can do that too. I have to admit that in the beginning I knew nothing, and just winged it. My first posts were on how I got addicted to beading, but obviously I couldn’t keep writing about the same thing repeatedly. 😏

Since I had made a lot of friends through the Etsy platform, my next move was to put those in the spotlight. On the Facebook page of another Etsy shop owner, I launched my campaign in which I said I was looking for shops to feature on my blog. Ok, I though it the perfect idea. I would get instant fame and be paid at the same time. 😎

No, there is no such thing as getting paid and having instant fame with a blog, only for the lucky few. It seems though, I was not the only one sitting around, and waiting for someone to write about my shop, because I got over 30 responses. 

Later on I started getting requests from other than Etsy shops, so gradually my blog turned into what you can read today. 

Ah, ok time to get into this handmade gift guide.

Kimono Sleeves Long Robe $200.00

An affordable lingerie brand that has quality, comfortable handmade pieces to inspire confidence.  

A perfectionist at heart, Angelina Mahany has dedicated years into sourcing, assessing and testing fabrics until she found the smooth, soft silks that became a signature to Angie’s  Showroom. 
This quest for creating handmade lingerie stemmed from her struggle to find intimates that made her feel sexy, confident and beautiful - without being mass-made. “I remember thinking, it’s so hard to find quality, soft pieces that are reasonably priced without compromising on style!” 
Originally from Moscow, this ex-ballerina has dipped her toes in Corporate Management and Marketing across Russia, France and Cyprus before residing in the United States only to realise that there was a huge gap in the Lingerie market! 
“I wanted to show the US clients something they had never seen before… 

lingerie that has it all. Quality, comfort and sexy styles at an affordable price! So Angie’s Showroom was born.” 
Lingerie made to last, remains at the core of everything we do. We are consciously working towards more sustainable solutions that protect our planet and its people. 

The Kimono Sleeves Long Robe is one of our newest arrivals. Available in gold and khaki colors, this robe is unmatched and features a tie at the waist, gorgeous long sleeves, and an open front. Your closet is incomplete without it!
tie waist
open front
long sleeve (60 cm = 23 inch) 
Regular size - hips up to 107 cm (42 inch)
Plus size - hips more than 107 cm (42 inch)
Fabric - 30% viscose, 70% polyester

The Arctic Dream Crown $157.29

The shop owner of BohemianBungalow850 makes handmade crystal crowns and earrings.

This icy treasure is perfect for any special day in your life! This handmade crown is covered in Crystal Quartz, of all shapes and sizes. This crown would be great for a bride, bachelorette, or even Elsa!

This crown is considered a custom piece and made to order. This crown is available on a gold or silver base. Please be aware that you are not receiving the crown in the photos, so it may be ever so slightly different - as this is handmade to order. I also include a few hair pins for that added support.

Facade Onyx Necklace £160.00

The Rosie Kent brand is inspired by old world elegance. Handcrafting patterns and textures from the world around us into timeless luxury jewellery. We create lavish textures in precious metals that compliment the female form, attention to detail is crucial in design and execution.

Central Saint Martins graduate Rosie is an experienced designer and jewellery maker with over a decade working in the jewellery world. Her experience ranges from designing and making for the internationally acclaimed and award winning jewellery designer Alex Monroe to designing for leading high street giants; Freedom at Topshop, ASOS and Topman.  

This beautiful Art Deco inspired piece is a bold eye-catching. Inspired by 1920's architecture the black onyx drop hangs proudly from the yellow gold scallop. A striking onyx necklace to wear as a statement piece.

Total size including drop 42mm x 10mm. Hayseed chain length: 18-20" adjustable.

The Facade Onyx Necklace is available in 2 choices of material:

Yellow gold plated - Recycled sterling silver base metal with a thick layer of fairmined 18ct yellow gold on top. This is known as gold vermeil.
Silver - Recycled sterling silver.

LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote - Rock $179

PEGAI is an online leathercrafts brand established in 2017 and is located in Dallas, Texas. They are experts in creating gift products that are useful yet elegant. All of their products are personalized gifts made of full-grain leather that is perfect for any occasion, no matter what the season is. 

Additionally, their products can be either personalized or non-personalized. It is part of the brand’s mission to help people experience leather in the most authentic and stylish way possible while giving back to the community - thus, a part of their profits is donated to charities that help underprivileged children around the world.

Elevate everyday routine and style. 
Effortlessly organize and carry your belongings with a tote meant to last.

This customizable leather tote is made to your tastes. It can fit a 13” -15” laptop (except for the mini tote bags) and still have rooms for your daily essentials. All totes include an inside pocket and a key loop. The available sizes are mini, grande, and jumbo, while color options include rock, charcoal, mahogany, and chestnut. It’s the perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe!

Autumn Canvas Sign $ 40,41

Blacknot Farm produces things the owner wants to see in the world. Things of beauty or things that make her smile. If she doesn't have the skill to make what she wishes, she learns. When learning, she draws on all her previous skills and experience to explore the new method or technique. Her greatest skill is the ability to learn.

Sweater Weather in a beautifully simple design with script on canvas sign. A great addition to any room! The standard canvas is a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail. Perfect as a gift or to hang in your own home.

The printed canvas is available in the following sizes:
.: 8"X10"
.: 11"X14"
.: 12"X16"
.: 18"X24"
.: 24"X30"

Artwork is printed on a natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag with 400gsm standard.

It has a hard sealed backing and comes with hanging hardware for an effortless way to hang the canvas.

The finger joints are well glued with strong adhesive and are even pretty to look at.

There is a lifelong colour guarantee by a high quality manufacturer and the printing house claims that the canvas will live for generations.

Gray Crochet Hat $ 32,67

The owner of Ria's Crafts and Things started to crochet at the age of 17 while residing in Israel. When time permitted, she would go and observe other women crochet. Shortly afterwards, she finally developed the method of crocheting. Her talent is natural, so she doesn't use patterns. It's whatever comes to mind. This is her passion, and she really enjoys seeing the finished product. It's also wonderful to see the smiles on the customer's face.

In 2004, her daughter asked her to assist her with crochet items for her collection in Atlanta, GA. The items became very popular. Some of the items consist of crochet dresses, pants, tops, swimsuits and more. Their crochet items have been showcased at numerous events at the Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA; Salisbury The Magazine, Salisbury, NC; New York Fashion Week, NY; Charlotte, NC; and other locations.

Gray/Multicolor Fur Hat - Crochet
For Her
Size: Circumference 22.50, Medium

This beautiful gray-fur hat is ready for the fall and winter. It also makes a great holiday gift.

Soho Rose Arrangement $495.00

We are a diverse company, with backgrounds from various cultures and ethnicity, all coming together to create something beautiful.  We are also veteran owned, who’s core beliefs are deeply rooted in the foundation of equality, and who fought and defended the people of this great nation. 

We all come from very different backgrounds, and none of us had any experience in the flower industry. However, we managed to put together one of the most appreciated collections because of the immense amount of care that goes into each and every one of our products.  We thrive on bringing elegance and splendor to everyday life and our product range show just that.  
We do not believe in overlooking the small details, from the careful selection of the roses, to the material used in our boxes, the high end quality of the grosgrain ribbons, the embossed writing, the meticulous selection that will result in a perfectly arranged bed of roses.  
We look forward to each and every review we receive. It brings us immeasurable joy when customers share their experience and pictures of their Eternal Roses gifts.  We listen, we learn, we adjust, and we work to improve and constantly enhance the gifting experience to new heights.     

This preserved rose centerpiece is displayed in an elegant textured bowl with a Moroccan gold rim, perfect for adding a burst of color to your home or office. Each rose is handcrafted and lasts for up to three years. 

Contains 23-25 preserved roses
Roses are natural and their sizes may vary
Do not water roses, handle with care
Do not expose to direct light, excessive heat or dust
Roses will radiate beauty for up to 3 years

AFRO Glam Collection $27.00

Alicia Boateng has always loved creative pursuits, but it wasn’t until she left her career as a wedding planner that she started to think about turning her own designs into a full time gig. It was her morning cup of coffee that turned out to be the inspiration she needed and her line of handcrafted mugs started to come to life. 
Today she runs her business Alicia Boateng Designs alongside her husband, churning out festive mugs that come in a range of different styles; from her Afro-Glam collection, to her seasonal cups to her collection highlighting different cultures from around the world. The Coral Springs, Florida-based mompreneur counts celebrities like Tiffany Haddish and Octavia Spencer as fans of her designs and is determined to, “Get my cups into the hands of as many women as I can.”

Imagine drinking out of an opulent Bistro cup that makes you feel beautiful, smart, strong, powerful, and courageous! This is how you will feel when drinking out of your very own Afro Glam Cup. 

This handmade decorated 16oz., Ceramic / Porcelain Coffee / Tea Bistro Cup is absolutely stunning! Handcrafted gems carefully placed around her beautiful afro. Your friends and family will be impressed with this glamorous cup. Accent stone may differ from the picture shown.  Alicia Boateng Designs logo is permanently on the back of the cup (front logo is for picture purposes only). 

Leather Apple Watch Band £109.00-£119.00

We are a leather craft company rooted in urban culture and design.

We are a team of leather artisans, and we started making watch bands simply because we could not find any eye-catching bands for our newly bought Apple Watches, so we decided to make our own. 

This sensational luxury Apple Watch Strap, handmade entirely out of genuine cowhide leather, exudes glamorous elegance.

Perfect as a luxury gift to your special one.

Change the look of your Apple Watch with this ultimate luxury watch band to make it even more personal – give your timepiece a truly luxurious makeover.

Cuff can be removed

Engraving is on the outside of the strap, we do not limit engraving styles/fonts, as long as it is simple. You can even draw something, send it to us and we will engrave it on the strap.

Please note: Apple Watch NOT included, only Apple Watch Band.


My passion for the beauty and diversity of our world has taken me from Italy to Mexico to Portugal then Greece, to working and raising my family in London. My work is inspired by the tapestry of life and speaks to women who are adventurous, feminine, brave and authentic. 
I embellish clothes with hand embroidery for women who are guided by passion and curiosity for our rich and colourful world, facing every day with independent spirit and style. 

Have you ever noticed that after a dificult moment, when you start seeing the light again, you feel full of enthusiasm? The change of state is always necessary for our growth and in order for this to happen, we need to come out of our comfort zone. When the 'disruption' happens, you are ready to create.

Go Anywhere Backpack - Burgundy $329.00

Lund Leather creates premium quality leather goods, designed to last a lifetime. Lund Leather is proud to make all products — totes, overnight bags, satchels, portfolios and more — right here in the USA!

You will love this leather drawstring backpack! Classy, distinctive, and capacious (that is, it holds a lot), the backpack also is timeless. Made of the most beautiful leather available, details include solid brass buckles and grommets and three pockets for phone, pads, computer, books and more. Fill it and take on the World.
Made with the finest leather around
Pairs beautifully with a Lund Leather belt
Shoulder straps and handle straps
Two interior pockets
Lined bottom 
8" deep  x 10" wide x 13" tall 

Handmade real flower bracelet $ 60,49

We are an online store that brings you a plethora of assortment of pressed flower bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and everything in between. Nature and plants is what inspires us to create and incorporate nature’s beauty into jewelry. All of our items are made with extreme care, and detail to capture and preserve the breathtaking organic patterns, forms, and colors.

Nature provides us with mystery and an ample of joy. Flowers are beautiful things; often revered for their colors, scents, shape and form. The flower blooms can be very beautiful to the eye, and calming to the heart. In our jewelry we try to show a magnificent style that represents nature on its mysterious form, yet to show the natural grace of a real flower that stands the test of time.

Our jewelry is perfect for anyone that has an adventurous spirit, enjoys nature, travelers and outdoor lovers among others. Our pieces make a unique gift idea for you, for her, for any occasion.

Real flower bracelet, featuring pressed leaves, grasses, baby's breath, larkspur flowers and rose gold leaf. Made with jeweler's grade resin.

Available in 3 different sizes:
Small: diameter/opening 2.4" (63mm) , height of the bracelet is approximately 1" (25mm)
Medium: diameter/opening 2.6" (66mm) , height of the bracelet is 1" (25mm)
Large: diameter/opening 2.72" (69mm) , height of the bracelet is 1" (25mm)
***XS and XL sizes available upon request

Brass Spice Box $129.99

At Roots Spice, we see our society as a collection of communities with their own customs and conventions. We believe that each culture has valuable information, and that this knowledge should be cross pollinated across societies rather than being isolated and confined to a respective community. 
I am sure we all can relate to these standalone communities which have often remain isolated and served by Asian stores, Indian stores, Chinatown, Latino markets and so on. We believe that time has come where the shackles needs to be broken and the customs and traditions from these standalone communities needs to be highlighted and celebrated, and what better way to start this journey than food and the world of spices. 
We see spices as an important and integral part of any kitchen, irrespective of the spice that you choose to fill your kitchen cabinet or spice rack with. With a mindset that embraces all natural spices and products, sustainable packaging, and social responsibility, Roots Spices is proud to continue its hard work each and every day to make the world that we know and love a better place through delicious, flavorful, and aromatic spices, ghee, and tea.

Our 'Masala Box' or Spice Box is hand spun and made of finest brass material, weighs more than 2lbs, to ensure that it will last for generations and become a part of your family heirloom tradition. 
The Masala box is a central figure that you will find in every household kitchen in the Indian subcontinent. Infact it is a tradition in India wherein the mother often gives her daughter the 'Masala Box' as part of her wedding present as she begins a new phase in her life. Masala box often keeps seven of the most commonly used spices in the kitchen and is usually passed from generation to generation in a household. 
This 'Masala Box' is an excellent gift for weddings, housewarming, birthdays or just any occassion that brings near and dear ones closer.

Product Dimensions - Diameter - 21cm Height - 5 cm

Our Masala Box comes pre-filled with seven of the choicest spices - Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Ground Cinnamon, Cloves, Green Cardamom, Dry Ginger Powder and Star Anise.

We currently offer complimentary custom laser engraving of any personal message upto 100 characters including spaces.

The "Noturnal " Queen $155.99

My goal is to keep improving and learning something new everyday!

I want people to share my passion, calling, and creativity! I always considered myself unique and different.  I want men and women to feel unique. Let your individuality illuminate to the outside of you. 

Howlite Crown Bracelet set for Women. Made with 8mm facted onyx, smooth onyx, gold hematite, and howlite beads. Comes with open bangle with geniune howlite and onyx stone.

Not only is The Noturnal Queen a beautifully designed pair of bracelets, it's a reminder of what matters in life: loyalty, love, commitment, and humanity. These are words that define a relationship, not jewelry. 
Made from onyx, a symbol of strength, you can live these words in a way that reflects yourself by wearing these bracelets to remind you of the importance of family, friendship, and those that you love. 
Every Stone seen in this bracelet is chosen for its natural properties. The Noturnal Queen Bead bracelet is a gorgeous set that is infused with the calming properties of the gems used. 
The handcrafted howlite and onyx stone bead bracelets are made with 8mm facted onyx, smooth onyx, gold hematite, and howlite beads. This bracelet set comes with an open bangle that will satisfy the item with a nice outline look.


Galen is a family company, based in Istanbul-Turkey. Sadly, the founder of company Zeynep passed away in July 2019. Her brother (Yusuf) and husband (Yunus) are lovingly carrying on her legacy and devotion to beautiful, quality handmade products. 

Galen Leather handcraft leather notebook covers, pen cases, Macbook cases, iPad sleeves, leather journals made with high quality Tomoe River Paper and travel accessories, to inspire you on your adventures and in your creative pursuits. Designed and handmade in Turkey, our products add a touch of luxury to your travels and provide the guarantee of a long lasting accomplice you can trust to last the test of time while on the road.

Our journal covers and writing sets will transport you back to a time where no traveller would dare leave on a journey without a leather-bound notepad and ink pen to jot down their thoughts and memories. Our focus is mainly on making leather journal covers compatible with Moleskine, Rhodia, Leuchtturm1917 and Field Notes brands.

While we may share your nostalgia for the romantic notion of putting pen to paper, we also embrace modern technology with the changing of time. And so, we created our line of laptop and tablet cases too.

Keep your cosmetics organized with our Handmade Crazy Horse Brown Grey Leather Lunar Makeup / Toiletry Bag. This makeup bag is perfect for storing all your cosmetics and everyday bathroom accessories. 
Features include an internal elastic large pouch, 2 narrow elastic pouches and one zippered pocket. Say goodbye to the cheap makeup bags that do nothing to protect or secure your precious items. With our high-quality leather makeup bags, you'll be travelling the world in style knowing you have a long-lasting companion.


LeatherNeo Studio is a middle size leather products supplier original established from a family handmade leather studio. We concentrate on quality and detail. We create our leather products with love and passion!

You can find classic large leather travel laptop birefcase bags that are crafted outstandingly with the best quality leather. We are delivering our best quality leather briefcase worldwide with amazing purchase offers.

Buy today our water-resistant bags that will protect your device from any water splashes, dents, and dust. These men's laptop bags will enhance the professional look and help you to keep laptops safely. We bring you a fantastic collection of leather laptop bags available in different designs, prices, and sizes.

Features of Custom Leather Large Women's Leather Travel Bag Briefcase
100% handcrafted at LeatherNeo studio and customized up to 15-inch laptops.
Genuine leather with beautiful and durable stitching, giving it a sleek look and a slim body.
Each of our products is uniquely designed and handcrafted. At LeatherNeo, uniqueness and quality are highly valued.
Distressed oiled or waxed leather, will be aged beautifully over time.
Contains a Long Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
Multi-pockets inside for other accessories like small books, wallets, phone...
About the Dimensions and Space Info of the Stylish Laptop Bag
Length x Height x Thickness
40 x 27.5 x 14 cm
Weight: About 1.6 KG
Adjust shoulder strap: 85-140 cm
This bag can hold a 15-inch Macbook, clothes, books, folding umbrella, wallet and mobile phone, etc at the same time.

Janelle $15.00

Plants, especially their flowers, always have their unique way of brightening up someone’s day. They seem to speak a distinct language of love and happiness that easily captures people’s hearts. 
This is why Bella, the artist behind Izabella Resin Art, chose botanicals and resin as her primary medium for artistic expression. She hopes that her flower jewelry can elicit feelings of joy and love to anyone who will wear them.
Bella is a teacher by profession. She taught History for ten years and is now a full-time graduate student at Uppsala University. Her love for details, which can be associated with her passion for History, is also evident in almost all her resin jewelry pieces. 
The name “Izabella” was taken from her birthplace, Isabella, Negros Occidental, where she recalls her earliest memory of witnessing different kinds of flowers blooming after a rainy day in July. On the same month in 2019, she decided to sell the resin jewelry pieces that she makes during her free time.

Every design and detail of each piece of jewelry speaks of craftsmanship, passion, and love for the arts as it reflects the artist’s happy thoughts and emotions. In the future, she plans to create resin jewelry pieces that are inspired and made of endemic plants from the places she visits.

Resin used: Epoxy
Botanicals that were mainly used for this artwork: Yellow Rose, Queen Anne's Lace and wild strawberry seeds
Comes with a free 18” stainless necklace chain: Yes
Diameter/length/size: approx. 2.5 - 3 CM

Pendants made from plants that were collected during walks. Each piece contains meticulously arranged botanicals in a mold/bezel.  We only use a high-quality resin that is UV resistant and scratch-proof.

All artworks are uniquely made for you!

Macrame Placemats Set of 4 $87.99

Sewing, Embroidery, Needlework & MacramΓ©
We just offer you the best products and services around or your money back. Add our products to your cart and experience our amazing customer service.

The art of MacramΓ© is unique, and just the most talented can do it. We have a lot of supplies to the ones who love this art and also some pieces that we created and handmade to be a star in your home. Click below to see them.

THE RIGHT TOUCH of texture and elegant design can make a big decorative difference. Snug Life’s boho placemats set of 4 will add that just right dash of rustic chic decor
100% HANDMADE macrame placemats. From its cute tassels and farmhouse pattern, each braided piece is woven with care. Perfect cream placemats for any boho dining table

NATURAL COTTON placemats for dining table or beautiful coffee table settings. Measures 12”x18”. Use on tables at home, even in an office to spruce up the room with timeless boho

SO EASY TO WASH and made with premium durable long lasting thread. Most white fabric placemats with fringe are a hassle. Ours are machine washable! Lay flat to dry

THE PERFECT GIFT for housewarming. Made to impress. Makes a great wedding gift too. Invite the boho vibe into your life with our bohemian placemats - ADD TO CART

Yellow Gold and Black Rhodium Double Finger Rings £330.00

Inspired by the harmonious shape and the mysteries of Santorini’s island, the Eterno Jewellery collection is elegantly designed to unveil the darkness and it’s meant to last for a lifetime.

Intricately designed in contrasting finishes the double finger ring is a daring yet feminine accessory. Representing connection, the Bond Rings celebrate moments of togetherness.

Handcrafted in the finest sterling silver and finished with a high polish 18ct yellow gold and black rhodium plating, the bands are connected with chains that reflect the light with every movement.

Contemporary lightweight multiway statement for any occasion.

18ct Yellow Gold & Black Rhodium Plated on Sterling Silver
Chain length 82mm

Letter M Pouch $30.00

Hello! My name is Carolina, Caro, Carola o Carito Duran. I am an independent  designer and creative from Argentina, now based in Idaho, US. For the past six years, I have been designing high-end tote bags and other fabric-based products under my own brand Oh!Sunnyslope. 
Two years ago I started designing my own fabrics and illustrations as well, which I love doing. My portfolio ranges from florals to abstracts and the prints can be used on almost any surface. 
You can find my work on art prints, fabric collection, home decor, tech accessories, apparel, and more. I am happy to bring to you my designs. 

Blooming Personalized Pouch
These personalized cotton canvas pouches are bright, cheerful and exceptionally handy. Perfectly sized to hold jewelry or make-up or keep essentials organized in your purse.

The sweet design of the Blooming Personalized Pouches make a heartwarming gift.  Available from A to Z. 

Made in  McCall, ID using Oh!Sunnyslope original textile. 
Approximate Dimensions:
 9.5”w x 5.5”h
Fully lined with grey fabric
9" Brass metal zipper

Best Selling Fall Wax Melt Box $20.00

We are Mike and Marykate Smith. We operate our small candle business in State College, PA. In 2017 we established Beo Handcrafted Candles. Since then we've provided customers with high quality wax melts, room sprays, lotions, soaps, shampoos and conditioners. 
Because of other obligations and full time employments, we took some time off from our business, but after a little break, we felt the draw to come back to the candle business. Instead of coming back as Beo Handcrafted, we decided to take our new found motivation and start the brand Mia Bella Scent Company. We plan on providing the best products, with the best ingredients for reasonable prices and great customer service.

We want to deliver happiness to every home through the power of fragrance. 

Our dye-free high quality organic wax melts are made of a highly scented beeswax and soy blend. Each of our wax melts burn for approximately 16-36 hours (each cube) making your house smell amazing for hours on end. These wax melts have a far and wide scent throw, both hot and cold.

Benefits of our melts vs. the competitors;

Dye-Free to avoid any extra chemicals
They are handcrafted and hand poured
They are made of a high quality organic beeswax & soy blend.
Each wax melt cube releases fragrance for up to 16-36 hours each.
Our Best Selling Fall Wax Melt Box consists of our 4 best selling beeswax and soy blend  fall scented wax melts! It is the perfect opportunity to try our best selling fall scented wax melts at a discounted price!

The box contains;

1x Autumn Magic
Autumn magic starts with top notes of lemon and apple; followedby middle notes of anise, cinnamon, and ginger sitting on well-rounded base notes of woods, musk, and vanilla.

1x Butterbeer
Our Butterbeer wax melts will bring you right to Hogwarts with a sweet creamy blend of butter, vanilla, and butterscotch topped off with sweet caramel flavoring.

1x Apple Streusel
Our Apple Streusel melts have an aroma of freshly-baked apple streusel. The fragrance begins with top notes of apples, pears, and applesauce. Middle notes include banana leaves and freshly ground cinnamon bark. Base notes include dry notes of vanilla, hazelnut, and almond.

1x Grandma's Kitchen
Our Grandma's Kitchen melts have a fresh baked aroma of rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of fresh ground cinnamon sticks.


All products are handmade by Friendship Bridge artisan clients in Guatemala. Our artisan clients are among the poorest segment of women in Guatemala, and many have expressed a need to access new markets to sell their products and bolster their incomes. 
We work closely with these talented entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to create and sell their finely crafted artisan products to local, national, and international markets.  By creating this opportunity, our clients are empowered to design and produce market-ready products, improve their livelihoods,  and help to alleviate the effects of poverty.  

Micaela’s dedication to creating beautiful, high-quality products is undeniable. With the support of three employees and often teaming up with her daughter-in-law, Erika Sop, Micaela contributes not only these special ornaments but also the multipurpose trays and embroidered coasters to our collection.

This beautiful design is sure to be a new favorite. Textiles will vary.
Handmade by Micaela GarcΓ­a in Cantel, Quetzaltenango
Materials: Re-purposed huipil fabric and leather straps 
Tote: 17” wide x 13.5” tall. Straps: 28” long x 1” wide. 

Alcohol Ink Coaster Set of 4 $47.19

We are Jessica and Kyle, the owners and makers of Buckeye Candle Company. We create each of our candles in our home, often custom made based on your order. We started this business in October of 2017 on a whim and turned a hobby into our business. 
In addition to making candles, we make homemade crafts and Alcohol Ink Coasters. We would love to hear from you and if there is anything you don't see as a product, please ask us, as we might be able to make it for you.

Alcohol Ink Blown Square Ceramic Coasters from Buckeye Candle Company.

This dazzling set of four (4) ceramic coasters is handcrafted using an unconventional technique, whereby alcohol inks are added to a ceramic tile, and then the tile is set on fire to spread the ink.

Alcohol Inks are known for their boldness and vibrancy of color, and the uniqueness of the process means the exquisite abstract image that results will be different every time.

Professionally sealed and finished with cork backs, this coaster set makes a lovely hostess gift or stylish addition to your own entertaining.

⚬ Set of four (4) Coasters
⚬ Coaster is made with blue and yellow inks.
⚬ Each coaster is 4" x 4" ceramic with a UV Sealant/ Varnish with sides finished in black.
⚬ Cork Backs.
⚬ Ideal to also use under a candle or vase.
⚬ Cannot be used in the dishwasher or microwave: Clean gently with a damp cloth.
⚬ We are also able to do custom orders based on your needs. If you would like a custom order, please contact us with more information.

Pumpkin Pie Dessert Candle | Glass Tumbler $28.00

Each of our soy wax candles is hand-poured in small batches & highly scented with body-safe, phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils. Lead-free cotton wicks create a long, clean burn that will fill a room with fragrance for hours. 

Much of our business over the past 5 years has been at local craft shows and pop-up markets in the SF Bay Area. Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of many of our favorite in-person markets, we are transitioning to being more of an online candle store while expanding our wholesale and private label options. 
We especially love partnering up with other local small businesses to create the perfect candle for them and their clientele. You can find a list of our stockists and recent collaborations on our Stockists page. 

Shop small with Scented Designs and you'll find lovely, unique gifts for yourself and others while also supporting a female founder & American small business. Thank you!

Who's ready for Halloween Scents? This pumpkin pie candle is a perfect Halloween gift or addition to your Halloween decor. 

Our Pumpkin Pie candle is an adorable take on this fall treat. Poured in a glass tumbler and topped with soy wax 'whipped cream,' this pumpkin candle is a unique Halloween gift, hostess gift, and more. Top notes of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg are followed by a delicious middle of pumpkin. Notes of vanilla and pie crust finish off this delectable treat. 

-Natural soy wax candle made with U.S.-grown soybeans
-Hand-poured in small batches. 
-Highly scented with phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, clove, and ginger. 
-Reusable glass tumbler
-Net wt. 8.5oz soy candle burns cleanly with a lead-free cotton wick. 
60+ hour burn time. 
Vegan. Paraffin-free. Phthalate-free. 

Proudly hand-poured in San Jose, CA by a woman-owned business.

And to say it in Shakespeare's words "All's well that ends well". 😘

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