Saturday, 12 August 2017

Confessions of a Seadbeadaholic part 2

Time to continue my story on how I got to be addicted to those little tiny beads.
You can find the first part of my story on the page Seadbeady's Blog 
My bead journey started with larger and less expensive beads. I didn't have the need to go out and follow workshops so I started my search on the internet to teach myself how to make jewelry. I soon found out that Youtube was a great way to do that. Who knows maybe some day I will be putting on my own tutorials there if I have the nerve lol. But I was really amazed to see out how much you could find there.
So after a bit of studying, I decided to go find the right store to get the supplies I needed. I got myself a pair of flat nose pliers, metal wire, a bead board, scissors, some lobster clasps, split rings, crimp beads and some lovely beads to work with. And this is how my first necklaces looked like.
Would I buy this in a store, oh no sorry not good enough. But at the time I thought they looked wonderful. Ok I admit that I was a little (just a tiny bit) subjective. You can imagine I made a lot more of those, and I wasn't gonna keep them all to myself. At first I gave them away to my nieces or my sisters (I still do sometimes). My daughter wasn't such a fan. Couldn't really understand why not, but I supposed It must have been a matter of taste, right???
But I wanted to make more, and even though they were not the most expensive supplies, they did cost me. So I took my (gorgeous) necklaces to work, to see what my colleagues would think. Who knows maybe I could sell a few. I suppose they must have seen the desperate look in my eyes, cause they did buy a few. Oh my I was over the moon. And as you suspected I went out to buy me some more supplies. To make more necklaces and sell them again. But I soon ran out of colleagues to sell to, even though I was almost begging them. So that was the end of that, and also the end for today.
More about my addiction next time - have a great day
Renata (alias Seadbeady) 😁


  1. Hahaha, leuk zo'n marathon. En ik kan me zooo goed voorstellen dat je ze graag kwijt wilde bij je collega's. Gingen ze je niet ontlopen? Haha... just teasing!

    1. haha ja had toch wel wat een gevoel van schaamte zeker weten :)

  2. Ik bewonder echt mensen die zelf dingen maken. Wat een mooi kettinkje!

    x Karen

  3. Nice you can make some money with your hobby!

    1. I earn almost enough to keep on beading - that works for me :)

  4. wat leuk zeg, heel relaxing lijkt mij dat beading


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