Thursday, 31 August 2017

Seadbeady's Finds on Etsy - Dogs

Some time ago I searched for some finds on Cats on Etsy especially for all the cat lovers. But I can't keep the dog lovers wait any longer for their dog finds. 😉

Seems like the dog was the first domesticated species. An archeological record of 14.700 years ago shows the first dog remains buried beside humans.

Over time, the dog has developed into hundreds of breeds with a great degree of variation.
According to the World Canine Organization there are 339 dog breeds at the moment. That is quite some number, don't you think so 😮

As you all know they are very social animals. They are very playful but can easily be trained. And off course they are very devoted and loyal to us. That is why they make such great pets.

For most people they are more than just pets. They are loyal companions who wag their tails to show us their emotions. And lick our hands and faces to show us their affection.

So especially for the dog lovers this time some Etsy finds on Dogs

Bones, bones, bones personalised dog tag - Paw charm pet ID tag

custom pet portrait, original watercolor painting

I Love my Siberian Husky Mug personalised | Different colours available

Personalized Dog Bowl, Jack Russell Ceramic Dog Bowl

Personalized Dog Blanket, Dog Gift, Dog Lovers

Leather dog collar, FREE ID TAG, Plain collar, Customised leather collar

Dog Raincoat + neck warmer - Dog Jacket - Custom Dog Coat

Sterling Silver dog earrings / dog jewellery / dog lover gift

Crazy Dog Lady Coffee Mug - dog mug - dog lover gift

Greyhound gift for wine lover gift Greyhound pillow cover

Personalised Dog Bandana - Pink and White Polka Dot

Oh wow seems its getting a bit late - can't even count anymore - I picked 11 today instead of 10 😜

Woef Woef ......... Or in human language that's all for today folks 

Hope you enjoyed reading .........Until next time .........Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady)


  1. Leuke producten, maar ik ben toch meer een poezen mens

  2. de beiden mugs, oorbellen en de kussen vind ik super! haha, beetje speels!

  3. Dat is toevallig. Ik heb er laatst met een buur erover gehad en nu lees ik je blog. Ik probeer hem een dezer dagen op je blog te wijzen. Leuk dit!

  4. Wat een schattige dog tag! Die is echt te cute!

  5. Ben echt een hondenmens dus dit zijn wel erg leuke hebbedingen :-)

  6. Ik ben meer van de katten. Maar er zijn wel echt leuke dingen tussen

  7. Ben zelf meer van de katten, maar vind de roze bandana wel grappig.


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