Sunday, 20 August 2017

Seadbeady's Finds on Etsy - Girls Dresses

Time for some more Etsy finds. Today it's all about Girl Dresses.

Aren't they super cute those little girl dresses. I have a sweet granddaughter of one and a half and I just love seeing her in a dress. And I am sure all you grandmothers are like me when you go shopping for clothes. You have to tell yourself noooo this time I am gonna buy something for myself. But I know those cute dresses are so irresistable.

Ah yes a bit of history first maybe. In the Ancient world both men and women wore a similar garment that resembled a dress and was in general called tunic.

From this tunic the dress developed into cassocks, worn by both female and male priests

And into Fustanella, worn by soldiers

An ancient Greek Tunic inspired an early twentieth gown designer to create the Delphos gown.

In the 19th century Dresses increased dramatically to the hoopskirt and crinoline supported styles.
Since the 1970's, no one dress type or lenght has dominated fashion for long. Short or ankle-lenght they all appeared side by side in the fashion magazines and catalogs.

Nowadays you can find a lot of girls dresses that are very much influenced by trends in adult wear.
But I have bored you enough with history - I know - you wanna see those cute little dresses I chose for you 😮😮

Girls Flamingo Party Dress Girls Dress Birthday Dress

Ankara Girl's Dress sizes 1 month - 14 years, Matching Adult Dress

Girls Dress Vintage Retro Hippie Flower 70's 60's Dress

Crochet girl dress, handmade dress, girls clothes, child dress

Red baby dress, Baby girl dress. Baby girl dress special occasion dress

Flamingo dress - girls dress - party dress - flamingo clothing

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Girls Dress, Summer Dress, Art Deco Print, Retro, Kids Clothes

Girl's Dress, Jungle Animal Print Dress, Child's Dress, Handmade Dress

Amazing Bow Sequin Flower Girl Dress Tulle Party Tutu Birthday

You have to admit they are all super cute..........Hope you enjoyed reading.........Until next time 😀

Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)


  1. Ik ben zelf nog helemaal niet thuis op de wereld van Etsy.. Zal eens een kijkje nemen

  2. I love them all! They're soooo cute. Very sweet little dresses.

  3. Wat een schattige jurkjes zeg en hele leuke weetjes over tunieken! Daar hou ik wel van! Xxxx

  4. Wat een schattige jurkjes zeg en hele leuke weetjes over tunieken! Daar hou ik wel van! Xxxx

  5. Die onderste vind ik echt heel schattig, lijkt me fantastisch om voor onze peuters te hebben!

  6. De girl flamingo jurkje zou mijn jongste heel leuk staan denk ik. Super cute!

  7. Etsy kende ik een beetje maar heb er nog nooit gekeken. Ziet er toch wel erg leuk uit!

  8. Leuke jurkjes! Op Etsy heb ik echt ooit een keer een layout gekocht maar verder nooit niks met die site gedaan, wist niet eens dat je er kleding kon kopen ahha

  9. Wat een leuke jurkjes! Moet toch eens gaan rond snuffelen op Etsy x

  10. Dat jurkje met die flamingo's is zo schattig, helemaal mijn stijl. Mijn kinderen krijgen later echt zulke jurkjes


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