Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Confessions of a Seadbeadaholic part 5

Last time I told you about my Fimo episode. Haven't made any more beads lately, but that doesn't mean I will never make them again. Never say never, that's something my husband always says. Actually he says it in Dutch "zeg nooit nooit" .

In my surfing I also discovered the art of beading. Surfing on the internet off course, although I did surf ages ago. Well not that long but I was 22 when I attended a Windsurfing Camp. Nope I am no longer a spring chicken. Ok if you really wanna know I am 54. Eek yes stop reading all the rubbish of this stupid old lady haha.

So now for the ones that are still interested 😁
Here is one channel on youtube that blew my mind away:
Really you should go and check it out. And I also discovered a magazine that really inspired me
You might as well check that out at the same time 😎

At first I started with pretty cheap beads I found in the Veritas (Belgian shop) from Gütermann size 9

And I made of lot of pieces with them. Like this one that I made in 2013 😀

The necklace wasn't too bad but a terrible picture again. It's only since 2 years that I have been working hard on improving my pictures. Let me show you one that's in my Etsy shop now and a bit similar to this one.


You could say that there is a slight difference between those pictures. I know what shop to pick if I had to choose between these two pictures. Wouldn't you??

But at the time I didn't see it, don't ask me why? Maybe I was a little too subjective?
So I opened an Etsy shop, thinking my pieces would be good enough to sell.

Eh noooo, off course not. So after half a year of waiting for my first sale I decided to close my shop again.

And I am ending my blogpost too for today.......Until next time.......Hope you enjoyed reading

Renata (Seadbeady)


  1. Jeetje zeg wat kun je daar indrukwekkende dingen mee maken! En dat van die piepkleine kraaltjes. Ik ben werkelijk onder de indruk!

  2. Wat een bijzondere ketting. Jammer dat je via Etsy niets hebt verkocht

  3. Mooie kettingen zeg! 1345 heeft hele mooie kralen!

  4. Wow ik wist niet dat je daar zo mooie indrukwekkende dingen mee kon maken zeg, altijd leuk dan weer om zo een artikel te lezen

  5. Wow! Wat een prachtige kettingen heb je gemaakt zeg.

  6. Zit je nu dus helemaal niet meer op Etsy? Zonde lijkt me...

    1. jawel hoor ondertussen zit ik al bijna een jaar terug op Etsy :)

  7. Wauw wat veel! Door jou heb ik gisteren mijn eerste Etsy bestelling geplaatst :-)


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