Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Confessions of a Seadbeadaholic part 3

Time to tell you a bit more about my story on my tiny bead addiction. A big addiction, but tiny beads off course. Last time I told you my necklaces where far to simple and I had sold a few to colleagues. But my business wasn't thriving, if you could call it a business at all.
I needed to find something better if I wanted to make it in the Jewelry business at all. Since my physical health problems had forced me to give up my music (who knows maybe if I have the courage one day I might make a short video of me singing). I really needed to find something to keep me busy during the time my body needed rest. So I had no intention of giving up on this. Must have herited some of my fathers stubbornness. 
I remembered seeing something with thin metal wire that another colleague made. So I started searching the net again to find out how to make those. The net aaah such a wonderful invention, but careful you could get addicted just like me to my beads. And I haven't found a cure. Actually I am still not sure if I even want that cure. I hope this picture is not too shocking, but this is what my first wire necklaces looked like.

I know that's a hideous picture. Sooo sorry 😉 Way to dark, my own shadow on it and way too yellow, or should I say brown. But the necklace itself wasn't that bad, and I did sell a few of those to colleagues again. Haha those poor colleagues, but sweet, they must have felt sorry for me.
But I decided I had bothered them more than enough. I wasn't gonna bring my jewelry pieces to work anymore, only if they asked for it. That's when I found out about creative markets. I bought some materials to be able to make me a stand at those markets. I used an old pasting table and some lawn chairs to be abele to present my goods.
The biggest reward I got on those markets were the great comments from people who admired my work. And I even sold some pieces. Seriously I am not pulling your leg. After deduction of my costs I had about 30 or 40 euro left for buying new supplies. Just like a little girl in a candy store 😀
But the biggest downfall was the pain I was left with afterwards. So much that I could hardly straighten my back. My husband could not understand why I still wanted to do this. He actually really got mad at me sometimes, cause he didn't like to see me in so much pain for such a lousy bit of money.
That"s it for today - hope you enjoyed
Have a great day
Renata (Seadbeady) :)


  1. This is beautiful, but too bad that you have so much pain after making the jewelry :(

    1. Its the long time sitting down and standing up at the markets that is painful - lucky for me not the jewelry making itself :)

  2. A beautifull necklace you made! I m sorry to read that you sufferd so much at the end

  3. I like the metal wire! It creates a totally different look. It's great.

  4. I also like to go to creatieve markets. It's nice to have direct contact with your buyers, but i can that they are physical hard for your back

  5. It's a lot of pity that you have so much pain afterwards.

  6. Well I would not call it hideous. It is a good picture. Next time better. Don't be so hard on yourself.

  7. Wat vervelend dat je er zo'n last van hebt als je op een markt hebt gestaan. Wel fijn dat mensen leuk vinden wat je maakt. :)

  8. Wat een leuke ketting! Fijn dat je weer geld hebt verdiend om opnieuw weer leuke nieuwe mooie dingen te gaan maken!


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